Monday, January 19, 2015

Explaining MLK Jr to a 6-year old

    Today Nixon and Mac had the day off. We went out to breakfast and enjoyed some family time together.
   On the way to breakfast, I asked Nixon if he knew why he had the day off. Nixon's answer was "Yes. I have no school because I didn't have to go today". He's so smart.

   I smiled to myself and decided to share who Martin Luther King Jr was and why we remember him. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, he's only 6, but I wanted to give him some sort of lesson about the man.
   "Nixon, there once was a time when people who had skin like Uncle K or Miss A couldn't work for themselves or vote or even get a good education. They worked for white families and were called slaves. Martin Luther King Jr spoke out against the unfairness that people of color were subjected too. He led marches for equality. He was brave because lots people fought against the changes he was marching for.
    Eventually, he was killed. But he helped lead the way for change to happen."

   I can't say Nixon understood, but I gave him a cheat sheet version of history. When he's older we'll discuss it more.

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