Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm another installment of random conversations with Nixon it is!

...brought to you by: facebook, where all my short and random conversations with Nixon begin.

August 25th: I can't wait for fall! Pumpkin patches, leaves turning, cool air, HOODIES!!, and best of all: Halloween!!Nixon said tonight he wants to be Iron Man. That's MY boy!! So I'm thinking: Iron Man, War Machine and Pepper Potts family costumes. Too much??? (yes I'll need a wig, but Halloween is all about dressing up, yo!!)

August 28th: Nixon hardly ever has nightmares....I'm thinking it might be a growth spurt in the works. That seems to be when his nightmares happen the most. (He woke up screaming "I need to grow bigger! I need be bigger NOW!")

August 29th: (after a first-thing-in-the-morning vomit)
Nixon: Mommy, may I have more please?me: More what, honey?
Nixon: more in my tummy
me: More toast?
Nixon: Yes, please. May I have more please?
me: Nixon, I want to make sure you aren't going to get sick again.
Nixon: But mommy, my tummy is fine *points to his tummy* See?
me: I know Nixon, but I don't want you getting sick again.
Nixon: But mommy, my tummy is fine. More toast please?
Guess who's getting more toast?

And finally, we have today's Nixon conversation jem:
Nixon (talking about Jack-Franny's 102lb great dane PUPPY!!! 9 months old tomorrow guys): Jack's gotta go potty
me: yes, Jack has to go out and go potty
Nixon: so water will come out his peenie
me: Yes Nixon, water will come out his peenie
Nixon: and poo comes out his butt!! (he yells this and laughs)

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Fix it now, Mom!"

  My mother-in-law has been visiting for a week. It's been great! She cooks awesome food! She and my brother-in-law watched Nixon for a night out with Mac. I even got a haircut, and therein lies the story I'm about to tell you.

   At 930am on Saturday I looked like this:          

  When I came home at 11am, this was my new look:

   Nixon was out with Mac and his family when I got home, and he was crashed out asleep when they got home and then everyone was napping. When Nixon finally saw me and my new didn't go well.

Nixon: Mommy, your hair!
me: I know, it's all gone, do you like it?
Nixon: NO! Mom you have to fix it now!
me: Nixon, you don't like my hair short?
Nixon: No mommy, you need to fix it! It not good!

   Everyone else loves it. My son? Hated it!

**he's coming around. He told me today he thought it was lovely!

Monday, August 6, 2012

because some days, I need to be more than just "Mom"

   Never have I been so happy to return to my home! I value and appreciate my home, family, cats, bed and coffee marker so much more after last week. Sure, Nixon can get loud and crazy, but it's one loud and crazy kid vs 2 plus a giant puppy. 

   During my week there, my best friend Claire asked me to join her for a 10k run in October. It hardly took any time or convincing for me to agree to do it. I need a goal and this will get me some one-on-one time with Claire. Sure, we'll be running with hundreds or a couple thousand people, but we'll be side-by-side for the whole run! It won't be like our days bar hopping together, or searching for a liquor store that was opened in Virginia, or even hanging out in the barracks getting drunk but we're mothers now, I guess something had to change right?

   Speaking of being a mom, I've lost a lot of myself since becoming a mom. I don't have as much (any) free time these days. I spend days with Nixon and Mac, but not so much doing things for me. I haven't gotten a haircut I paid for since Nixon was 2 months old! That's over 3.5 years ago! I'd rather spend money on things for Nixon than on myself. 
   I'm not even working any more. This is tough. I've had to adjust to not leaving the house alone and I've had almost no adult interactions, excluding Mac of course. 

   So, I've started being for me again. First, this run. I'm training 5-6 days a week for it. There's nothing to benefit Nixon, well maybe a healthier and slimmer mommy, in this. Second, I'm planning a serious haircut. Third, I'm doing things just for me. Last night and today, I finished making comic heels. I bought some sexy platform heels, and I ModPodge'd comic book photos onto the shoes. They look awesome! And are incredibly HOTT looking. They're geeky, sexy, shoes and I love em! Next project is a cover for my kindle. More ModPodge, exacto knife fun! (And another comic book cannibalism project)

   My mother-in-law is coming next week, to stay for a week. My brother-in-law will be staying for the weekend. It's going to be great seeing them again. Plus, with Nana here Mac and I may finally get a real date night! 

the right shoe...AWE-some!