Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Car ride convo with Nixon

Nixon and I were driving home from our old townhouse to the new apartment. Nixon was a little low key so I started talking to him. Since I started working full-time we're not spending the time together we used too and I miss it.

Today we started talking about animals Nixon saw and that I saw at work.

Then came this:

me- Nixon, do you know is in two weeks from today?
Nixon- No! What is it, Mom?
me- It's my birthday!
Nixon- Oh, I knew that!
me- Do you know how old I'm going to be?
Nixon- Ohhhh.....I just don't know!
me- Okay, well, do you think I'm older than you are?
Nixon- Yeah, because you're my mom!
me- Okay well, if you're 5 how old am I?
Nixon- I know! You're going to be 8 years old!
me- 8?!?! Really, 8? Yeah I can do that!
Nixon- yeah, 8 is a good number for you mom!
me- How old is Daddy?
Nixon- Dad's 9 years old.
me- Works for me!

I love his little-kid logic!