Monday, August 20, 2012

"Fix it now, Mom!"

  My mother-in-law has been visiting for a week. It's been great! She cooks awesome food! She and my brother-in-law watched Nixon for a night out with Mac. I even got a haircut, and therein lies the story I'm about to tell you.

   At 930am on Saturday I looked like this:          

  When I came home at 11am, this was my new look:

   Nixon was out with Mac and his family when I got home, and he was crashed out asleep when they got home and then everyone was napping. When Nixon finally saw me and my new didn't go well.

Nixon: Mommy, your hair!
me: I know, it's all gone, do you like it?
Nixon: NO! Mom you have to fix it now!
me: Nixon, you don't like my hair short?
Nixon: No mommy, you need to fix it! It not good!

   Everyone else loves it. My son? Hated it!

**he's coming around. He told me today he thought it was lovely!

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