Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm another installment of random conversations with Nixon it is!

...brought to you by: facebook, where all my short and random conversations with Nixon begin.

August 25th: I can't wait for fall! Pumpkin patches, leaves turning, cool air, HOODIES!!, and best of all: Halloween!!Nixon said tonight he wants to be Iron Man. That's MY boy!! So I'm thinking: Iron Man, War Machine and Pepper Potts family costumes. Too much??? (yes I'll need a wig, but Halloween is all about dressing up, yo!!)

August 28th: Nixon hardly ever has nightmares....I'm thinking it might be a growth spurt in the works. That seems to be when his nightmares happen the most. (He woke up screaming "I need to grow bigger! I need be bigger NOW!")

August 29th: (after a first-thing-in-the-morning vomit)
Nixon: Mommy, may I have more please?me: More what, honey?
Nixon: more in my tummy
me: More toast?
Nixon: Yes, please. May I have more please?
me: Nixon, I want to make sure you aren't going to get sick again.
Nixon: But mommy, my tummy is fine *points to his tummy* See?
me: I know Nixon, but I don't want you getting sick again.
Nixon: But mommy, my tummy is fine. More toast please?
Guess who's getting more toast?

And finally, we have today's Nixon conversation jem:
Nixon (talking about Jack-Franny's 102lb great dane PUPPY!!! 9 months old tomorrow guys): Jack's gotta go potty
me: yes, Jack has to go out and go potty
Nixon: so water will come out his peenie
me: Yes Nixon, water will come out his peenie
Nixon: and poo comes out his butt!! (he yells this and laughs)

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