Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Update on the name drama llama

Seems that my blog has a wee bit of a following. And that following is not the warm and fuzzy we-wanna-be-your-friend kind, either. No, my following is more the pretty and popular girls in high school who traveled in packs down the halls and terrorized anyone who didn't worship them or join their freakishly close bitch-cult. Oh, and my following never says hi or even spreads word of my blog. 
Thanks for reading, bitches!

How do I know I have a following of cunty drama llamas?? Simple, Mac my loving and supportive husband, who was at work today had a short discussion about one of my blogs with a woman who has "heard" about it (but never read it).

It seems, she's the wife of the person mentioned in the name rant blog of mine.  I did hear who it was correctly, and apparently my blog rant made its way back to her and she saw Mac, so she wanted to "clear the air", but there's a small problem. She never actually read my blog. She "heard about it" from someone, and just wanted ME to know that they chose Nixon because she collects Nixon brand watches, not for the President and not after our son. 

Now, if she had read my blog she'd had seen that was precisely my point in the first place. (Well, that and her husband needs to learn how to tell the story about their baby name a little better in the future, cause he straight up dropped the fucking ball hardcore on this one) Every, single couple I have EVER met has some kind of story behind WHY they chose the baby name they did. The vague and non-responsive answer he first gave was bullshit, compared to the wife's story. 

So for the secret readers spreading word of mouth about my blog.....thanks for reading!! I know you're there *heeheehee*

FUCK...................I need to get off this fucking rock, I'm going island batshit crazy, now. 

Is it May yet????


  1. DRAMA LLAMA!!!!! LOLOL That's a keeper!!! Love ya!!!

  2. Hi back you guys!!
    Thanks for reading :)

    (you are not the bitches I was referring to, btw. I love you guys!)

  3. Hi Rea!

    I've been reading your blog for awhile now (think I stumbled on it from babycenter- Sept '09 birth board), and I absolutely love you and your sarcastic wit! AND you're blunt nature... you and I are definitely two peas in a pod. :)
    I'm also a military wife stationed stateside and know how tough it is... wishing you and your fam all the luck in your upcoming PCS!

  4. Thank you Jenn! I'm glad you enjoy the blog and see the beauty of the humor in it!

  5. Add me to the list of your fans. I followed your link here from a BBC post and FLOVE your snarkiness. If the drama llamas want to chew their cud and bitch and moan, I say BRING IT, BITCHES!

    Anne :)