Saturday, December 3, 2011

My pearls of wisdom never cease to impress me!

"Nixon, don't be this fan"

That's how my simple little nugget of sports fan wisdom conversation started with Nixon. It's no secret, this NFL season is rough in the Wilcox-Ball household. The Eagles (aka The Dream Team that isn't a dream so much as a payroll nightmare when you look at their record) are sucking really bad and the Dolphins are even worse, shocking but true! In fact, the only winner in the house is Mac's fantasy team...and I'm still convinced that the league we're in together is fixed by the commissioner who's a cheating piece of shit!

But I digress.

As I was saying, I watched the video clip in the link above and saw a kid mad at Tom Brady for the Patriots beating the Eagles. First, it's not the Patriots fault that they won...well it is, but not if you're an Eagles fan. As an Eagles fan, I have accepted this season for the wash it's become. I cherish the wins we've had but....yeah this season sucks. Still I wear my tees and hoodie because winning or not I'm still an Eagles fan.

But never would I cry because the other team beat us...unless it's the Super Bowl, it was a close game with refs making bad calls against the Eagles (which has happened, just ask Micheal Vick), costing vital yardage losses then I'd cry, because it's better than breaking my/our TV!

Then I give credit, the kid's still young and hasn't really grasped who you really blame when you're team is losing. The team themselves. For now he thinks Tom Brady is a bully for not "letting" the Eagles win.

That's where he and I differ.
As I told Nixon: "It's okay to get upset when your team is losing. But you don't blame the team who beat them. You blame your team for not playing better."
Nixon: "yeah!"
Me: "Unless it's those damn dirty Cowboys, then you can blame them.*"
* this got a chuckle from Mac, who once again was in awe of my parenting pearls of wisdom! What can I say, these gems just come to me. They just flow right out of my mouth faster than I can think and quicker than I can stop them even if I wanted too.

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