Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Okay now.....why do I HAVE to be this person??? (it's a rant!!)

So, I don't HAVE to be the person I'm about to be, but I feel like I'm almost pushed against a wall and need to defend myself. Which, in reality is kind of silly because it's not a life or death thing and it really could be a compliment of sorts, if it wasn't such a total asswipe insult move to myself and my family. 
Confused? I should explain a little then and catch you all up.

I went to see Breaking Dawn, Part 1 today with one of the girl's Mac works with. She's gotta be one of the coolest new people the Navy has sent here AND she hasn't been sucked into the "Dark Side" (aka all the bitches that be hating on Mac and I for no other reason than we live our lives open and unapologetic for our pasts before marriage and parenthood), plus she's SO Team Jacob! A HUGE plus in my book! (Suck it and stop reading now if that annoyed you!)

While we're waiting for the movie to start, she mentioned that a guy she and Mac work with, wants to name his son Nixon, but then acted like he didn't know MY son (okay OUR son) is named Nixon when she mentioned it to him after to told her this. Now, for the record, I'm pretty sure I got the name of the guy she said right and if I did.....HE TOTALLY FUCKING LIED!!  He's gone to dinner with us before and has met OUR son NIXON!!! It's not like Nixon is the most popular name in the planet, right now. Or ever for that matter. It's not even a name most people admit to liking it now, they like it cause they like my son and don't want their asses kicked for saying otherwise! You work with my husband, have met my son and yet play dumb about where you've heard the name before?!?!? You fucking sonuvabeech!!

Now, I'm not opposed to someone else using the name Nixon. I don't have dibs on it, obviously. But for fucksake, when there's 2 degrees of separation between MY Nixon and this guy, don't play fucking dumb and act like it just came to you out of the goddamned sky one day! It came to you, over dinner, in the form of a most adorable brown eyed rambunctious little boy NAMED Nixon! Just fucking admit it! You're not fucking original!! Hell, I'm not even original with naming him Nixon. Mac made fun of one of my tattoos and said he saw Richard Nixon in it, which led to a tie breaker being asked to "Nixon", aka my tattoo, which resulted in during another long name vetoing session by Mac, me finally saying "What about Nixon?" as a joke, which eventually stopped being a joke, became our son's name and that's the story of how Nixon got his name. 
What's your baby name story BITCH?!?!? Because every couple has a story of how they named their children. Some are better than others. Like mine is better than "oh, I just liked the name and don't know where I'd heard it before".

For fucking fucksake he could have at least said "I heard some saying it at the Base Mall one day and it really stuck with me" and I'd have believed that story more. Because we have called Nixon's name loudly more than once at the base mall......not because there is more than one Nixon on Okinawa.

The moral of the story:If you plan on stealing a name of someone you know, come up with a good story. Or at least wait until we leave the island to start telling people you plan on using that name!! 

Silly fuckers, leave the petty, immature games to the professionals. This here's the big league and I'll call you're bullshit! 
Had dinner with my family, works with my husband but didn't know my husband's son's name was Nixon! Rookie mistake, son, rookie mistake. 

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