Sunday, July 6, 2014

Proof my kid really loves me!

     Not often, but occasionally, like most moms I find myself wondering if Nixon is growing up so fast that he's going to stop needing or loving me overnight. Last night, Nixon calmed those nagging fears with a simple conversation.

    A little background before story time though. Last night, after I got home from work, we all headed to the grocery store for a short trip.  Nixon was told to leave his iTouch in the car, and he started pouting and fake crying. He was warned to stop and got out of the car. He was still a little pouty so I offered him a "job". I gave him my car keys to put in his pocket. He was super excited to do it and we entered the store with one happy child!
   After around 10-15 minutes of shopping, I did a key check. I asked him to shake his pocket. He did...nothing. I dropped down and shook his pockets myself....they were both empty! I was about to lose my mind and Nixon says "Look mom, their in a quiet place!" He put them in the cup holder that's a part of the cart. Mac and I both look at each other and say "I just had a heart attack!"

   During dinner, Nixon and I talk about it:
me: Nixon I think I lost 5 years off my life tonight.
Nixon: What's that mean?
me: It means I'm going to die 5 years sooner that I was before we went shopping.
Nixon: NO! You can't die! Mommy, I need you!
me: Oh baby, I'm not really going to die. It's something adults say to be dramatic.
Nixon: I'm just a little boy still and I need my mom!
me: *hugging him* I'm sorry. I didn't mean I'm really going to die. You're going to have me around for a long time still!
Nixon: Good, I like that!

   See? Totally loves me!

I may not do everything right most of the time, but loving this boy and getting his love back....that comes naturally. 

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