Monday, August 1, 2011

It's August which means its time for a Mommy freak out!!!

Okay, before I share my mommy freak out (brought to you by the month of August and my ability to do math on the fly) let me share my freaky house story first. 

It's no secret our house here in Okinawa has had some odd activity. I've had to do a few cleansings in Nixon's room especially because of the issues. (The scariest one was the growling coming over the baby monitor late one night from Nixon's room. We don't have a dog and it was IN his room. That was all it took for me to do a sage smudge in his room the very next day.) Mac and I both have seen several shadows and the cats have a strange fascination with my closet occasionally. You either believe it or you don't...we do.

Saturday night I was watching The Dilemma with most of the lights off in the living room. Mac was at work, my cat was sleeping on my chest and his cat was sleeping on the floor near me. The air conditioner was off at the moment, so there was no breeze coming through at the time. A piece of paper slid across the dining room floor about 6 feet from Mac's desk. It stayed on the floor the whole time, but it moved from a standstill to another location with no force or explanation. It didn't even make a sound! My cat sat up on my chest and looked in my eyes with a "What the fuck did you do that for??" look on her sleepy face, while Mac's cat nearly jumped out of her fur when the paper moved.'s just another freaky shit kind of thing that just happens in our house here. At least I didn't have anything pressing down on my chest in the middle of the night while I was sleeping...THAT scares the shit out of me! 

Now, my ability to do math once again brings me to tears!

Me: Shit...It's August. That's means November is only 3 months away!
Mac: Yeah. 
Me: My baby's going to be 3 in three months!
Mac: Are you going to cry??
Me: I's just coming so fast and I don't have any idea what to do for his birthday....
Mac: When is that going to stop (the crying he means)...when he turns 5?
Me: NO!! Then he'll be going to kindergarten!!!!
Mac: my mistake.....

Seriously...I go to bed and wake up every day but it feels like it goes by faster now that Nixon is here. On the plus side, August is our 9 month mark! 9 months left here in Okinawa!! AND.....we've got a big typhoon heading our way. Should be hitting us Thursday or Friday. Keep y'all posted.

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  1. I cried the day Riley turned 3. It's like going from baby to big kid:(. I'm sure I'll gve a hard time with her bday too!

    Creepy about your house!!!