Thursday, June 30, 2011

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A week ago today Mac had his vasectomy procedure done (and the crowd goes wild!!). A couple of days before the vasectomy we both realized, that with a few exceptions, we pretty much hadn't told anyone about it. Since we live half a day ahead of most of our friends and family we both posted statuses on facebook (aka the debil) to catch everyone up to speed about this, the biggest life changing event in our lives, and without fail our friends proved to be as awesome as ever. Well, mine were awesome as ever, Mac's were.....well they're his friends. I'll post some highlights after I post each of our statuses.

My status read:

"Well, we've kept this a secret long enough..... here goes: on Thursday Mac will be going in and officially making us a one & done family! He has his vasectomy appointment in the morning. Sorry to everyone back home who was out of the loop on this, that wasn't intentional, it really was something we just realized today we forgot to let people know about. Opps!!
He even gets a 4 day weekend out of it!!
My friends and family responded positively and humorously, reminding us to clear the reserves before going commando! Very supportive of our choice to remain one and done. I had only 7 total comments on this status. Fewer than I'd expected but seeing as how they were all positive and supportive, I'm appreciative of those 7 comments. You'll see where I'm going with this in a moment.

Mac's status read:
"So it occurs to me that I haven't really told many people about my upcoming procedure. Well my peeps, here's your notice: I'm having a vasectomy. That's right, I'm taking myself out of the gene pool. Comment as you like, as I'm sure the majority of you will."
Now Mac has a lot more friends on his facebook than I do, he's far less exclusive than I am! To be honest, I'm not sure how he's even survived the cut on my friends list so many times... he hardly ever posts anything and is constantly playing games and sending me requests for games...if he weren't my husband and the father of my ONLY child, he'd be unfriended by now! His only saving grace is he took 3 shots in the sacks for me! Okay I digressed a bit....
Back to the comments about the above status in green. He had over 30 comments about it, some of them from me and having nothing to do with the status because I hijacked it! But other comments coming from his friends included these gems:
Its cool cuz you can change your mind down the road and it's not hard for you up get it reversed.
This is devastating news!
Awwww no lil brother or sister for Nixon?!???! (I'm sad because I actually like this person!)

But then there were a couple wonderfully supportive friends of his who understood this was a decision made between us and who offered kind words of wisdom.

The point is, MY friends rock and Mac's not so much!! NO, I'm kidding. The point is, even now, a week after the procedure, my brother-in-law asked if Mac stored any "juices" for "you know later uses" because apparently this whole one-and-done concept is just not quite as easy to understand as we thought it would be, you know, after the vasectomy was done.

The vasectomy itself was not as easy for Mac as it was supposed to be. Big shocker, given our history as a couple and big steps. There's a story for another day, but the gist is....this is not as totally unexpected as it should be, this is our life together from day one.
Mac is recovering and Nixon is dealing with Mac not being able to lift him up. Nixon knows Mac has an "owie" and he's been okay with that he's even told me a few times "Mommy dadda have a owie" which is totally unnecessary, because I am well aware of Mac's owie and the backache lifting Nixon non-stop for a week now has given me! But that Nixon feels the need to tell me of Mac's owie is touching and sweet so I thank him for telling me and I ask him to give Mac a hug and be kind to Daddy since he has an "owie".

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