Sunday, June 26, 2011

C'mon mommy, like this

Nixon's become quite the bossypants lately. I believe he inherited that gene from me. The bossypants gene is very closely tied to the overbearing bitch gene, which everyone knows is my dominant gene!

Our car rides now sound like this:
"That way, Mommy"
"NOOOOOO! That way!"
"Go Mommy. Go now!" By the way, that gem was said at a red light while there were cars in front of me all waiting for the same red light to turn green. But none of that mattered to Nixon. He wanted to go.

At home Nixon is still refusing to potty train. But he does now insist that all diaper changes include BeBe (he beloved teddy bear) getting wiped and the occasional diaper on too. And heavens help us if I forget. "Mommy BeBe too! BeBe wipee too! NOW!" After I give him my best say-please-or-I'll-eat-you stare he usually says "pease BeBe wipee Momma" knowing the momma is magic in this house.

Nixon is also demanding when it comes to his dance music. Today Mac put on P!ink's "Raise Your Glass" and Nixon started his usual headbob. Then Mac joined in. Nixon noticed I wasn't doing it so he said to me "C'mon mommy, like this" and slowly shows me how to bob my head like he and Mac were doing it. He refused to stop doing it until I started doing it with them.

Since he's figured out how to open doors, he has decided everything is fair game for him. Even the closet where all his toys go when they're taken away from him. The closet that all his art supplies are in, which explains why he came to me at 8 o'clock last night and wanted to finger paint! Instead he colored with markers. I also have to make sure Mac doesn't accidentally bring both sets of keys to work with him since Nixon locked his bedroom door from the inside and couldn't unlock it. Thankfully, we have a key that unlocks all the bedroom long as I have one of the sets of keys at home with me.

Life is fun even if Nixon is battling me for most stubborn person in the house.

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