Saturday, July 2, 2011

He makes me melt...even before my cup of coffee

Nixon has a brand new way to make me melt into a pile of warm and fuzzy mommy goo. He tried it out this morning (at an almost acceptable hour of 7am).
He came into the bedroom, arms filled with toy trucks, BeBe and a dinosaur. I heard the pitter patter of little Nixon feet on our bedroom floor but I wasn't ready to open my eyes yet, so I didn't. He placed his armload on his the bed next to me and started singing a brand new song, just for me. It went like this: "Happy Mommy Happy Day, Momma. Happy Mommy Day" I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He handed me the remotes for the tv and he climbed into the bed next to me (apologizing to "Arwee" as he got in and she mewed in protest of being moved). Nixon snuggled onto my chest for a second, kissed my head and then said "Ming Ming, momma....pease". For those of you not fluent in Nixonese that translates to "Wonder Pets please momma". I, of course, honored his request because he made me melt and he lets me sleep longer as long as I switch episodes for him on the dvd. Don't knock it, it works for us!

I took a shower this morning, turned on Cars so Nixon was occupied while I cleaned the sludge of last night's sleep off my body in peace. I do this often enough that Nixon knows when I call his name, I expect him to come into the bathroom and call out "Yeah??" so I know he's still alive and okay. I did it once today and he came running into the bathroom "WHAT, mommy?" then gave me a kiss and ran back out into the living room. A few minutes later there was a large, unexpected clap of thunder. Nixon came running into the bathroom within seconds and said "Momma, what did you do?!?" When I asked him if he was okay, he said "Shhh....race cars on" rolled eyes at me and left the bathroom again. He's lucky he made me melt earlier today.

Lastly, this little mini-me/mini-Mac depending on the day, came up to me with 2 pairs of his shorts in his hands. Lately, to get him dressed faster, I'll give him 2 choices of shirts/shorts or pants/shoes and I'll say"Nixon, pick one". So this little smartass came up to me with 2 pairs of shorts, thrusts them into my face and says "Mommy, pick one! Pick one NOW!" Then grabs them both and runs away! Laughing.

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  1. Ya know, when he turns 18 or gets married and starts his own family, we will have to print up all your blogs of his childhood and print them in book form! That's my favorite aspect about your blogs, it's like the Nixon Chronicles!!! AWESOMENESS!!! Love you guys/gal!!!