Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes you just suck it up

This week has been less than awesome and yet another lesson in the military comes first. Like I needed a refresher course or something. Apparently, the universe felt I did need a refresher course this week and gave it to me at the expense of our family photos.

Now, these family photos are supposed to be taken and used on our holiday card so time is kind of short. We had to reschedule the original date because of weather and illness (thanks again for that cold Mac!). I picked this Thursday, we were going to the Japanese Gardens for some awesome photos of us surrounded by beautiful Japanese surroundings. These plans, the location, the date, the photographer....have been made since August so kind of a big deal, right???


Wednesday evening Mac gets a phone call and told he has a work related meeting at 1300 (1pm) Thursday and he can't miss it. Our photos are in a location about 30-45 minutes driving distance away, depending on traffic, one-way and we were leaving at 930. Time wise, it wasn't looking good, so regardless of how long these plans have been made and how ridiculous it is to get a call at 9pm and basically told "hey you have shit to do tomorrow at 1pm, so don't make any plans, even though it is your day off. too bad so sad" by someone who Mac has gone to his house and delivered messages in person, I had to suck it up and contact our photographer and (yet again) reschedule our photos because choosing a location closer was NOT an option to me!

I get shit like this comes with the military lifestyle and usually, I'm okay with it. But, come-the-fuck-on!, less than a day's notice about a meeting ON a day off?!?!? And getting the call after the end of the business day??? At some point, shit like this has got to give, right?? It wasn't just Mac, they were calling in people off of leave but who were still on the island (sucka'!) and I can only imagine how pissed that person was and I feel for them as well. And I know it's not Mac's watch commander's fault he's just delivering the message but there are far better ways to do it than just calling at 9pm and then trying to rush off the phone. Like, oh I don't know, come by the house and return the shit you have that you borrowed from Mac that up and talk to him in person?!?! Sure, you and I both know he's going to be upset, but truth be told if the roles were reversed wouldn't you be?? Who wouldn't be pissed to get less than 18 hours notices about a work related meeting, costing them plans with their family that have been planned for over 6 weeks, pissing off his wife because this pushes back ordering holiday cards and revealing our next duty station to friends and yeah, who wouldn't be upset, right???

But, fingers crossed, we've re-rescheduled for this Friday. 

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