Monday, October 17, 2011

Who says lying doesn't pay off???

Well my friends, it may have taken over 3 years but my well planned lie is finally paying off!

What?? I'm not making any sense? Ah, I see, you're new to my blog! Well, let me give you the back story. 

The lie began while I was pregnant with Nixon and in the process of changing all my id's to my married name. Turned out the hardest one to get done was my dependent id. Basically, its a card that says I'm Mac's problem and responsibility......SUCKER!!!  I needed our marriage license (check), my drivers license in new married name (check), my social security card in new married name (check) and a day my husband/sponsor had off....which became the bane of my existence for about 6 weeks! FINALLY, the stars aligned and we got an appointment for this all important id made. (See, without this id all my prenatal visits were becoming a giant clusterfuck of epic mistakes all involving who I was and what/who I "belonged" too. At one point I was promoted and switched branches while given a new name, in one visit!!! Epic failures, people, epic failures!)

So, the appointment was in July, I was almost halfway through my pregnancy and part of the id requires your height, eye color, hair color (this is usually only right for a few weeks of any given year, in my case), birthday and the dreaded.....weight. Enter: THE LIE!!! After buttering up the colossal bitch we were assigned, I asked "current weight? (gesturing AROUND the belly) or pre-pregnancy weight?" This bitch turned merciful angel said "pre-pregnancy weight. no one but your doctor needs to know pregnancy weight" TA-DA!!!

THE LIE: Now, the reality is, before getting pregnant I was "around" 150lbs give or take 5-10. BUT, I knew I wasn't happy there, and I wanted to drop them anyways, so I gave my post-pregnancy GOAL weight of 135lbs. Sadly, the baby weight did not just melt right off my body like all the stars and celebrities have it happen (lying bitches!! every last one of you!!) and I've been slowly chipping away at the pounds now for almost 3 years. I'll lose some, I'll maintain for a while and then I'll gain. But never too much to be concerned no more than 5-10 pounds.

This year's been a great year for me weight wise. I've broken my latest and hardest weight plateau of 140lbs recently and I've managed to keep steadily losing weight by just watching what I'm eating. It's hard and I do have a couple cheat days here and there, but it's all paying off. How do I know??

I'm 2 pounds away from that weight on the back of my id card! So I'm not totally carrying around a lie in my wallet anymore. It's more like a couple extra venti lattes ;)

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  1. Love it!! Congrats on the baby weight loss!!! That's awesomeness!!! Time to go shopping... lol or we can save that trip for when you come visit and i can treat you to some fun in the sun and shopping at The Galleria!!! It would be phenomenal!!!