Thursday, April 5, 2012

Details, accomplishments, dates and cuteness I've been busy!

  March came and went almost too damned fast! Here we are in April, our last full month on Okinawa and I am ass deep in get-the-fuck-off-this-rock mode. I have been ever since we got our travel date (and no I didn't resort to sacrificing a small woodland creature, under the light of the full moon at the precise stroke of 3 am by slitting its throat counterclockwise and dripping it warm blood into a silver goblet while chanting "I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home", all while dancing naked around a bonfire made of virgins pubic hair cut before the first menstrual cycle...but I was totally ready too!) of May 10th. Yep, in 5 weeks from today we'll be leaving this rock and (regretfully?? blissfully??) never returning. 

  I've been doing laundry, collecting clothes to donate, sorting books to donate, packing up extra linens/blankets/towels we won't need, making cozy crate liners for the cats (well Arwen's is done, I need to get on Amber's), replaced the big-ass box tv in our bedroom with a smaller flat screen one (to save weight)...and tons more! On top of remembering I have a son to feed and take care of. 

    But the biggest, most important accomplishment (thus far) regarding the move happened tonight: THE CATS ARE BOOKED AND COMING HOME WITH US FOR SURE!!! And it's not going to cost an assload of money! United is going to honor the original excess baggage fee of $250 per cat. This was a huge weight off my shoulders, and I have the confirmation emails in my inbox (and printed out in my handy-dandy get-'er done notebook) from United guaranteeing their spots and the rates! The only "bad" part is they will have to be checked in as baggage and will not be in the cabin with us. BUT, on the plus side, that does mean I will not have to be drugging my cat. We'll bring the soft-sided carriers and switch them to those when we get the rental car. PLUS, Arwen is now sleeping in her crate because I'm awesome and I'm taking the entire month to let her get adjusted to it little-by-little. 

   Finally, as promised, the cuteness overload. But first a huge thanks to anyone who voted for Nixon and Miss Macy back in February for the Cutest Couple contest. They won, by an impressive margin the proud momma in me feels the need to add, and last week the stars aliened just so meaning K and I were finally able to meet with the photographer to get their couple's photo shoot done. I've had photos done by Lacey (aka Lu Lu Bug Photography) before, several times in fact, but I have never had more respect for a photographer than I did for her working with these two kiddos last week! She was incredible! If she couldn't get them to work with her, she'd make it work. I'm going to post the sneak peeks she posted on her facebook page (PLEASE, if you're reading this and in Okinawa, book Lacey!! I promise you, you will not be disappointed! She's wonderful!) 

melts my mommy heart to a mushy pile of goo

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  1. I absolutely love the last one... Nixon's face is priceless!