Sunday, April 22, 2012

If you bitch, they will come (A happy ending to the Santa picture fiasco!)

   Last night during a random but awesome video conversation with my cousin, those damned Santa photos were brought up. How? I don't recall, but that's because it's very hard to follow the flow of our conversations, there's not exactly a flow chart to our thoughts and we sure don't stick to one topic for long! 
   I had said I pretty much chalked them up to a loss and will be writing an email when I'm gone, off the island, for good. Jess said she wanted the email so she could send them an email as well. Hell hath no fury like my family sending emails about being screwed over, especially when we're doing it as a collective unit. 

   Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning and found this:
Good morning Mrs. Wilcox-Ball,
I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and I hope I can brighten it a little more with what I am hoping is some pictures of your baby. ;-) Going by the information you gave me, I starting asking a few others that were there about their pictures and it was actually my senior J W that was Santa that day and Tyler and his girl friend had come up with their son to take pictures. I found soem photo's that my daughter had taken of Z and the boys and there is a few with little ones on their that we had taken because of the seniors being so nuturing or the photo just being so sweet we wanted to place them in the senior class vedio and year book. I went back to the e-mail you sent to double check.... I didn't want to send you pictures of someone elses baby. LOL!! But, I think I HAVE FOUND SOME!! Sorry they are not the ones AFN took but, I think they are good and I PRAY they are of your son.
Info from your e-mail:
**My son was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt, with white long-sleeves underneath. He had on dark green pants and black sneakers. His teddy bear, which was in the photos with him, is also white and about 11 inches tall.
There was someone named Tyler there, who was sitting on Santa's lap just before my son. He was one of the high school students and it seemed they were just goofing around at the end of the day.**
I do apologize if it is not and I am doing my best to still look into this. I was hoping you would have brought your baby up when we (not AFN) were doing the Easter Bunny Pictures. We printed them out on the spot and were going to do yours for free. Like I said before.... "I have 5 babies and I know how important ALL those first are and how very special and meaningful they become later in life when you are preparing for a graduation, wedding, birth of your sons son or daughter." So please beleive, "I AM CROSSING MY FINGERS AND SAYING A PRAYER!" PLEASE let me know if it is of him!?!?!?!
Have a blessed week!!
Sincerely and Respectfully,

I'm even going to over look all the spelling errors, because SHE FOUND NIXON'S PICTURES WITH SANTA!!!!

Who says my bitching will get me nowhere in life??!? This is proof positive that I will not stop being who I am when it comes to the important things in mine and my family's life and milestones!

I'll have to work on the photos in Photoshop before they're print ready, but the point is: I have them!! Almost 5 months later, but I have them!!

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