Friday, September 7, 2012

He's almost 4, so he planned his party!

 Nixon is obsessed with Super Hero Squad! He will run around the house yelling "Hero up!". It's adorable, from a mom's point-of-view. Plus the show is not overly violent, teaches friendship lessons and is lead by Iron Man (not Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man, but Iron Man non-the-less)

Nixon's 4th birthday is a little over 2 months away. I've started asking him what he wants for his birthday. He wants: underwear and toys, for gifts! 
The theme he wants is: Super Hero Squad.
He wants sandwiches (I, foolishly, suggested pizza. "NO pizza mommy! Pizza is gross!" was the response I got for that suggestion.), he wants Super Hero punch (I'm going to make this one up somehow) and cupcakes NOT cake! I'm really enjoying that he can help plan things. It's awesome to know he has his own opinions. He even asked for a cape for his birthday party! 

The issue?? It's nearly impossible to find Super Hero Squad party supplies. I've got 4 sites bookmarked because no one site has all the supplies I want/need! 


  1. Hard to believe stuff is that hard to find ! I figured that was right up there with fairies :) rileys 4th was a cowboy theme at a farm :). Soooo fun!!! And he loved it!

  2. Well, I'm not sure about plates and such, but I know someone who can make a killer sign :)

    1. That is true!! Since we'll be home next month, we'll have to talk :)