Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anyone else living with an "over-sharer"?

the littlest over-sharer I know!

   There was a time, not too long ago, that Mac and I were concerned about Nixon's speech. It seemed like we were guessing more than hearing what he was saying. Fast forward to Nixon and I spending over a month with my "niece" Peanut and a verbal explosion has occurred in him. 

   With it, it seems, came the phase of verbal vomit (also known as: no-filter or child inappropriate'itis) from Nixon. Our conversations used to be mundane and one-sided with me doing the majority of the talking. Now I get the play by play of almost everything, literally everything, he does. 

Take this morning:
Nixon- I be right back, mommy
me- where are you going?
Nixon- to potty
me- okay
*5 minutes later*
Nixon: MOMMY, we have a big problem!
me- what's wrong?
Nixon- I took a big poo poo and pee pee. You have to see it (the poo poo I think)!
me- no thank you Nixon, please put your undies back on and flush
Nixon- MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to LOOK AT IT!! I grabbed my toes and I pushed that poo poo right out of my butt and the pee pee is water, it came out my peenie.
me- yes Nix, that is how the body works.
Nixon- it's a big poo poo mommy, i think it won't go into the tunnel (toilet)
(it went down just fine)

Yesterday we had a discussion about how his penis feels most comfortable in his undies:
me- Nixon, what are you doing?!?! (as he's pulling down his pants and undies)
Nixon- my peenie is not right
me- not right?? do you have an owie on it?
Nixon- no. it needs to point down, not up.
me- okay
Nixon- Mommy, you know that
me- Nixon, I don't know that. I don't have a penis.
Nixon- WHAT?!?! (and then after putting his penis right and pulling his undies and pants up, he walks away, mumbling) mommy has no peenie 

I more than likely walk around naked WAY too much. But I figure it's only my son and since he came from the deepest depths of my body, he's not going to get scarred seeing me naked. I might be wrong on that count:
me- (after getting out of the shower) Nixon, you need to brush your teeth
Nixon- nuh-uh
me- NIXON get in here now!
Nixon- mommy yous naked?
me- yes, its how most people are after a shower. now brush your teeth
Nixon- mommy you have sharp nipples
me- No baby, I'm cold and getting dressed
Nixon-beautiful mommy you have alotta butt
me- you couldn't stop at "beautiful mommy" could you?
*Come to think of it, I think I'm getting scarred by him seeing me naked more than he is.*

He's also told me where pee and poo come from in regards to Jack, my friend's giant Great Dane puppy. He doesn't hold back on the morning breath comments either. "Mommy, your teeth are dirty and you mouth stinks", as he comes in to wake me up!

But, I'll take all his open honesty, so long as he keeps calling me "Beautiful Mommy". He came up with that on his own, and he calls me that whenever he needs my attention. 

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  1. Love the beautiful mommy comment!!! I let Riley see me naked until just recently (maybe age 6/7?). Just when it got weird for me. He's not scarred :). Though ella will tell me I have a big bottom. Gee thx.