Monday, September 17, 2012

A fair day indeed

movie theater with recliners...WHAT?!?
 I've been at F's since stupid-early Wednesday morning. The drama and hoops she's dealt with to get Peanut into before-and-after care has been an almost commitable level of insanity. While she was dealing with all this, Peanut was still in school and F was working. I came back to make sure Peanut got to and from school while F was at work. 


Mac came up for the weekend, since he was off. Friday we had a date night (Resident Evil Retribution 3d) 


Sunday was a joint family fun day! We had talked about and decided to go to the County Fair. Peanut had decided we were going to go before she even asked F or anyone for that matter. While the kids skated a thin line between good and naughty we ultimately went to the fair. 
I swear, he really did like this ride!

    This was Nixon's first time at a large outdoor event. The first thing I did, after we arrived, was get down on my knees, to Nixon's level and show him who to find if we get separated. There were county sheriffs wearing brown uniforms standing close to the entrance. I told Nixon "If you lose mommy or daddy and you can't find us, you go find a "naughty" (Nixonese for police officer) who looks like those men right there *points to the uniformed officers* and you tell them you're lost. They will help you find us." Thankfully, we never needed their assistance but I felt better just making sure Nixon knew who to go to for help, if it came to that. 

one of the last rides of the day, Peanut and Nixon together. 
Such a great day!
    Nixon was not all about the fair food, and it seemed he'd be a bust on rides too. F and I got the kids a bracelet that let them ride (and ourselves) unlimited times. Nixon was not feeling any of the rides, either crying immediately or deciding to jump out of line during the wait. Finally, we were waiting for a small ride with motorcycles that caught his eye, when he decided he HAD to ride a different ride, right now! I took him over to it and we got on right away. Nixon was in love with the ride! It was a simple ride (called Wiggle Worm, it was similar to a roller coaster seating-wise, and had an oval front wheel so it was an up-and-down ride) but he LOVED it! After that he wanted to go on a kids ride that looked like the Pirate Ship ride. It was AWESOME! It started moving forward and back like the Pirate Ship, but then moved in circle movements while still going in the front and back movement. He loved this ride so much, we went on it twice!
    Bad mom I am, I did not take a single photo of these moments! 
    We went to see some animals and ended up going back on more rides before leaving. It was an amazing day, all-in-all. Fried dough on the way out made it a complete success at the fair!

We came home and everyone (tried to) took a nap. Poor F was sick, food poisoning is assumed to be the cause.  

Nixon and Mac napping together, after the fair. 

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