Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Socially awkward mom....was not me today!

   I had a job interview this morning. I'm not saying I got the job, because I won't hear about it for at least a week, but I am saying I went in and was totally myself. Starting with being totally directionally challenged at the beginning. I'm the type of person who says "left" but points right, which in my head means I meant right. My finger is always correct while my mouth tends to lie. I'd give you some deep meaning to that, but the truth is I'm just odd and it drives Mac nuts!
   I was told to go "right", but I saw no finger so I was looking for a left. DOH!
   After that, I was at ease, candid and honest. The interview went well, I was interviewed by 2 people one who is a mother herself and also had a 5 year employment gap in her resume. It's comforting to know I'm not alone.

   After the interview, I went home and changed then it was time to pick up Nixon from school. Nixon had another great day at school, making it 2 weeks in a row of all good reports!

    I called Mac and asked if he was okay with me taking Nixon to Chuck E Cheese for a surprise. He was and after Nixon and I stopped home a bit, we were off.
    Nixon was so surprised when we arrived! He was super happy too!

    Shortly after Nixon had tokens in hand, he ran over to this one pirate game that is a shooter game. He loves it! As it turned out there was another kid Nixon's age that loves the game as well. They played together as a team for over half an hour! At one point his mom came over and we started talking. Turns out the kids are a month apart and there was a chance they'd be going to the same elementary school! She's new to the area and didn't know anyone else with a child going to the same school.
    Before they left, we exchanged phone numbers with vague promises for a future play date for the boys.

   For once, just once, I didn't fail at basic human interactions!

   Too bad the rest of the day fell to shit after that awesome high point.....

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  1. I have the same directional impairment. You are not alone in that. I hope you get good news from the interview, and that you have a better day today than yesterday.