Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sometimes an uncomfortable conversation really isn't that bad

   Nixon and I were in the car last week. We had stopped at a red light, and on the same corner was a Chick-Fil-A. Nixon saw the play tunnels inside the store and says "Look Mom, fun tunnels!"
   I sigh, hard, because I knew one day my personal choices to not ever step foot in a Chick-Fil-A would need to be explained to my young child. That day suddenly became the day.

me: Nixon, I'm sorry, but I will never take you into that store to play in those tunnels.
Nixon: Oh man. But why not?
me: The man that actually owns that store name, has said some things I can't support.
Nixon: Is he mean?
me: No, but he has his beliefs and I have mine.
      You know Miss N and Miss A, and how they are married, right?
Nixon: Uh-huh and they have baby R now!
me: Exactly! They are a family just like you, Daddy and I are. But the man who owns those stores think that Miss A and Miss N are wrong because they are 2 girls who married each other, instead of marrying a man like I did.
Nixon: But they love each other and have a baby! *he was really upset when he said that. I thought he was going to cry*
me: I know they are, baby. And they're happy together. They have the same thing Daddy and I have: love and happiness.
      Because that man feels the way he does and because I don't believe that Miss N and Miss A are wrong for being in love and marrying the person they love, I won't go to those stores. Not even to play in tunnels.

And here is where my kid blows my mind!
Nixon: It's okay, Mommy. I know where there are other tunnels I can play in. We can go there instead.

    And just like that, everything was right in his little world again!

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