Friday, January 14, 2011

Growing up so fast

Nixon's getting so big! Not just size wise, although he's big there too but also with his verbal skills. He picks up on some words and its random when he decides to use them.

I decided from the very beginning I'd like Nixon to know Spanish as well as English. So right now he says "hola" and "chica", and he uses them correctly. Today during breakfast, Nixon busts out a "bye bye Diego", clear as day! I was so shocked and amazed.

In other Nixon news, he's obsessed with Cats & Dogs. He'll bring me the playstation 3 controller and say "doggie, doggie" until I turn it on for him. Its cute, but we've seen that movie at least 100 times got old around the 4th time. haha

Nixon's wearing monkey slippers these days. We went to pick up Daddy from work and Nixon insisted he wear his "mummy" (monkey) on his feet before we left. He also brought me a hoodie even though it wasn't that cold out. Its awesome to watch him become this determined little person with his own ideas, wants and needs. Its frustrating, for us both, when I can't figure out what he wants but we're getting there as he learns more and more words.

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