Friday, January 21, 2011

Short and sweet....he gets it from me!

Nixon has random moments of affection. Sometimes he'll come over, climb up on the love seat with me and snuggle. Sometimes he just throws a kiss to me.
He also has random moments of impeccable aim, toy in hand and launches it at me. And almost always hits me in the face. Yeah, those moments are the ones that test my patience as a mom.
He's curious as can be about everything. His latest obsession/accomplishment is mastering drinking from a real cup. His favorite tool to practice with is my coffee mug. I don't usually leave it alone when it's full, because well let's face it I love my coffee! But the other day, I was checking email and forgot about the full cup of coffee in his reach. He picked it up and spilled half the cup. My first reaction was "oh no, how hot was that coffee!" and I rushed to him to make sure he didn't burn himself. He looked really sad so I cleaned it up, took him into the bedroom and cleaned him up. The whole time I was making him giggle and laugh and smile because, after all, I was the one who had left a full cup of coffee where his curious little hands could reach it. He didn't know it was full, he just knew that it was there and he can drink from it. (He was fine by the way and he did help me clean up the spilled coffee)

I've been sporting a thumb splint because I sprained my thumb a couple weeks back. Mac had the day off so I was pretty much not doing anything. Nixon came over to me and patted my shoulder. When that didn't get the reaction he was looking for, he started patting my breast and saying "babe, babe, babe" until I looked at him. He then gave me a kiss and ran away. He came back a couple seconds later and put his little hands on my face, pulled it close to his face and brushed his nose against mine. For those of you who don't know, these are Eskimo kisses and I've been giving them to Nixon for a few months now. Today, he gave me one back.

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