Monday, January 31, 2011

M stands for Mac and Math

Last night, just before falling asleep, I nudged Mac and said "Hey, its after midnight you know what that means right?" He mumbled something so I explained.
"That means its now February so we've got 16 months left"
"So a year and a half, right?" asked Mac
", 16 months. 12months plus 4 months"
"Right, a year and a half." Mac insisted.
"Mac, 12 divided by 2 is what?"
"12 months plus 4 months is a year and a half" still certain he was going to win this.
Finally I had to spell it out for him, "Babe, 12 divided by 2 is 6, plus 12 is 18. Eighteen months is year and a half, we're down to 16 months so we're over the 18 month hump."

"Whatever, its too late to be tricking me with math" and he fell asleep.

Yep, another month behind us. Sixteen months before we leave here. Now it won't, most likely be, exactly May 1st that we're out of here next year, but for now a monthly countdown works.

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  1. Men are never good at Math. That's why they dont understand that we are actually pregnant 10 months, NOT 9! LOL. Glad to find your blog.