Thursday, March 10, 2011

T minus 8 hours....

If there is one thing I am guilty of in this life, it is over planning the hell out of something I've never done before. Marriage, child birth, moving around the world and now potty training. I've made lists for all of those events. Each one slightly different depending on the event.
My latest, uncharted territory/event is potty training. I'm diving in head first tomorrow!

We have the potty training chart, to keep track of successes!

The Sticker Zone- a poster board on Nixon's bedroom door for him to (safely) stick his reward stickers on.

The potty seat, which will go over my toilet seat.

The step stool.

And, the creme de la creme of potty training efforts, Nixon's very own bathroom library!! An old easter basket, converted into a sink-side holder for Nixon's brand new, bathroom only, books! I read (big shocker, I read a lot of books on the subject!) that using books can capture the child's interest and keep him from rushing off before he's done. We shall see.

I do not have a photo of Nixon's reward box. For the first day, Nixon will get to choose from the box for every 3 pee's. A poop is an automatic reward box trip!! As we go on, the number between reward box trips will increase. A trip to the 100 Yen store, plus a few other small items, have filled the box. Which is hidden in a closet, so Nixon can not get into it whenever he'd like.

Tomorrow morning, we'll get up, clean up his morning diaper (poop please!) then onto the potty for the first time before going into new undies. The timer will be set for 20 minutes and our day will begin.

Wish me luck!

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