Saturday, May 7, 2011

A brief story of what will never be between Percy and me

NO, I'm not considering an affair. I'd never cheat on Mac. Having seen what an affair does to a family firsthand, as a child, I could never do that to him or Nixon.

Percy is a 5-year old chocolate lab that a friend back in Florida is helping to find a home for. It's not going so well and he may end up in a shelter if a new home is not found soon. Normally, I wouldn't be affected. I can't save every animal that needs a home and normally I just try not to think about what could be.

But for some reason Percy has been on my mind for a couple weeks now, since I first read about his situation on facebook. I've always wanted a lab. A chocolate lab has been a dream pet for years, but since I've always worked too much and lived in a small apartment it's never been ideal. There have been dogs, but they've been epically disappointed by a life with me. But now, with Nixon and life almost stable, a 5-year old lab wouldn't be a horrible fit.

Well, it could be perfect, if we weren't the entire world away from him for another year. Reality is, he needs a home now and I (WE) can't do that.

I have a spot in my heart for a dog I will never meet. I've even offered a suggestion to find him a home by looking for a Labrador rescue organization or foundation to take him instead of a shelter. It's the best I can think of for him.

Here's to you, Percy. A dog I'll never meet who has a piece of my heart and a hope for a good, loving home to care for him.

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