Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first post of 2012...they grow up so fast!

For Nixon's birthday we bought him a fisher price kids tuff camera. It's an awesome camera for him and he's really enjoying taking pictures (or "smile" as he calls them) of everything from myself and Mac to the cats, his BeBe and his massive matchbox fleet!

Just before the New Year, Nixon made the successful move to full-time life in undies. No more pull-ups for naps or bedtime, he's a big boy now and it was all on his own doing! He has accidents from time to time, but not once has he peed in bed so I'll take an accident during the day anytime, plus he's awesome about staying dry while we're out and about too! Ahh....he's really growing up so fast. 

So, the point of this blog combines the first paragraph with the 2nd one to get THIS conversation:

Nixon (with his camera, pointed at his groin): "Smile undies!"
me: "What?!? NO, Nixon! You don't take pictures of your undies or penie."
Nixon: "No smile?"
me: (looking over at Mac) "Really, I have to have this conversation with him already? He's 3!!"
Nixon: (camera pointed at his shirt this time): "Smile shirt"
Mac: "Well, he was gonna figure it out some time, right?"

Seriously, NOT a conversation I'd expected to have with him until he was at least 11 or 12, damn him for always being ahead of the curve!

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