Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time is NOT on our maybe pull the thumb out yer ass?!?!?

   I'm not exactly known for my laidback, roll-with-the-punches attitude. I'm far more likely to cuss and scream when something isn't going my way, than I am to shrug it off and say "oh well, that's just life". So, you can imagine how I'm feeling being less than 2 months away from Mac's rotation date off Oki-traz (thanks K, a more fitting name there's never been) with still no travel date. Now add in that the info I'm reading about pets says no pets are flying out of Japan, meaning if we get a flight itinerary to Tokyo from Okinawa....we are FUCKED! Not screwed...FUCKED with a capital UCKED! 

   But it seems no one cares. Because Mac's travel packet has been submitted now for a FUCKING MONTH!!! That's right, by the time everyone reads this, it will have been 4 mother-fucking-weeks, that some desk has been sitting on the packet that contains the paperwork required to get us the HELL out of here! 

   Now, it'd seem simple enough, like I could just call and give hypothetical dates for the cats and get information right?? WRONG! Since the United/Continental merger wait times for phone calls to customer service have been HOURS long and I don't have a flight number, so they *technically* can't offer me any assistance without it! My entire planning right now is in limbo, hanging in the balance of some fucking desk jockey who may or may not give a damn enough to ever do their fucking job and get my family of 3 booked on (confirmed) flights to Maryland before the middle of May so that I can do MY fucking job and get my cats taken care of and home with us. 
   And oh yeah....they won't be in the cabin with us. At least not for the longest part out of Okinawa. I got the cats soft carriers and they're now both sleeping in them...for no reason, apparently. Or so I've read. Something about the recycled air/allergens in the air/possible severe allergies of other passengers. It makes sense but it also makes me annoyed. 
   Also *allegedly* we'll be charged the former fee of $250 per pet, so yay! BUT, we have to get them booked on the flights soon, which leads me back to......

  In other news, because that above is really not so much news as it is a vent of random words that may or may not make a coherent thought. Saturday I'm entering a Chili Cook Off. Woot Woot!! It's for fun, with prizes and I'm all about trying anything to keep my mind off everything else. So here's to dropping everything in the crockpot, and going about my day LOL.....cause that's how my chili gets made!!  

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