Saturday, May 5, 2012

Parking lot Carcasses

   It's a little after midnight here (I'm still in Okinawa, in case anyone thought my hiatus may have meant I was in the middle of crossing the oceans), Nixon's sleeping on a pullout sofa less than 6 feet from where I'm cozied up in bed typing this. Mac is at the house cleaning or something else similar in nature. Amber and Arwen are at the kennel, Arwen more than likely is STILL growling and hissing at the kitten boarding on the other side of the room from her, for no other reason than he was loud and she generally hates all other cats. Amber, hopefully, is sleeping and has gotten to eat with little Miss Bitch Cat on "neighborhood" watch. Did I mention we've got 4 days, 11 hours and 15 minutes (give or take 30 minutes) left on this rock???
   We're also staying in a hotel room, until we leave, that is about the size of the bedrooms of our house, combined then shoved full with a bathroom, full-sized fridge, stove, about 8-10 feet of countertop, a queen sized bed, pull-out sofa and a dining room table with 4 chairs! There's about 12 square feet of unused floor, at the moment. Our 6 suitcases, plus cat carriers aren't in here yet.
**Once again, I do believe we're being punished for having only one child by the military. K just left (today actually) and she has Miss Macy and Lil H, who is 7 months old, and they had our 1 room times 2! These buttholes know we're leaving the island, which means we're going to have as ASSload of luggage, and we're still in this postage stamp sized room, because we only have one child.....fuck my life, I'm never getting laid before we leave this place!**

   Our house has been most empty since Monday. The movers arrived, disgustingly early/on-time. They were in the door and packing our shit a little after 9am. Just before 1230pm the truck with everything that made that house our home over the past 3 years, was loaded up and pulling away.

   We spent 4 days at the cabins overlooking the ocean, conveniently on the same base Mac's command is located, which meant he was able to get some work accomplished because he's still working at finalizing his checkout process. The cabin was small but just as nice as I remember it being, we stayed there for our anniversary our first spring here.

   Just a few things left to get done here: cats need their health certificate to travel. We're taking them to the vet Monday morning, while the house is getting cleaned and ready for the final inspection. After that we've gotta take the cats to the airport here to get them inspected or something before the flight on Thursday, then it's back to our hotel, cats to the kennel and different shit different day, life just keeps rolling along.

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