Friday, June 29, 2012

He just HAD to make me act like a real parent, didn't he???

I love my son, I love my son, I love my son. I just have days where I don't like his attitude very much. Lately those days are pretty much every day I wake up and the sun is in the sky.

Today was the day he crossed my line in the sand. He started with the throwing stuff, I took it away, he threw some more. I had enough and took him upstairs to his room for a time out. He was fine, out in his 3 minutes back downstairs. Easy peasy. Except that he decided to throw more toys and start yelling within 10 minutes of getting out of T.O. After looking at the clock, it was close enough to naptime, so I told him "upstairs". He yelled at me, I carried him upstairs and into his bedroom. He threw one toy at me, I threw it into the hallway just outside his bedroom. He threw another toy, I put it with the first toy. After he was out of toys I asked if he wanted to throw anything else, when he grabbed his pillow dinosaur I took it as a non-verbal yes and threw the pillow in the hall as well. Then I took his other pillow and both his blankets, plus his aquarium light for good measurement, leaving him just his air mattress (his bed comes in on Tuesday).

To say he lost his shit when he realized I was serious about taking everything in his room away would be a complete understatement! He lost his mind! He melted down, crying hard and loudly for at least 20 minutes non-stop! It was naptime to begin with, the screaming at me before I took him to his bedroom clinched that for him. By 25 minutes I needed to calm him down so he'd sleep, so I went upstairs and explained why he was in his room, why I took everything away and made sure to tell him I loved him....over and over and over again. I also gave him one pillow and a blanket back, so he'd go to sleep.

I pulled an ultimate parenting move. On a 3-year old! I wasn't expecting to do this shit for at least 7-9 more years! But as always, Nixon seems to be a little ahead of the curve. I'm sorry, but throwing toys, especially after he was made to throw some out earlier this week for throwing them, is a no-go. He's got a real throwing issue and I can't seem to find a way to get thru to him that him that it is not acceptable behavior. He throws toys at the cats, he throws things/toys at me. He throws things into the ceiling fans.

I'm at my mothering wits end!

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  1. Maybe try googling throwing issues for children? There may be some parents out there who have dealt with a fixated throwing child, who may have some great advice! So glad my cats can't throw stuff right now! I feel for ya darling! And like all things, this too shall pass!