Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It finally happened....we lost one

It's been 10 days since it happened and it's been 6 days since Nixon asked for him last. All the preparations in the world wouldn't have helped ease the pain of my baby boy's first broken heart.

We lost a Bebe. Not just any Bebe. We lost THE BeBe. The first BeBe, small BeBe in Nixonese.

We lost him on my birthday, of all days.

We went to breakfast, at a crowded diner. He left with us.
We went to Big Lots, he was in the cart with Nixon, at first. We got home, unloaded the car BeBe.
Mac called the diner, just double checking, and they hadn't found him there.
I called Big Lots, no one turned him in or seen him.
Small BeBe was indeed, gone.
Cue inconsolable child now!

Two days and nights of Nixon asking for small BeBe, throwing his other two IDENTICAL bebes, telling us they were stupid. He even insisted on looking in the car, himself, because I must've missed him somehow. Not his exact words, but it was pretty much the gist. Then he decided small BeBe must be in the washer and I had to get him out! It was painful to watch him try so hard to find a bear that had just vanished.

Finally, he accepted BeBe 2 (bigger BeBe in Nixonese) as the main BeBe. But he started chewing his tail, like small Be's tail was, from when Nixon was teething. And Nixon now calls him his "teddy bear" and not "BeBe" as much. Mac noticed it first and asked me about it. My only explanation is Nixon knows it's not BeBe and is acknowledging such with the title change. He's still attached to it, but it's a more love/hate relationship. Nixon's much more tough on "My Teddy Bear". Lots of throwing him, tossing him at the ceiling and into fans, at the cats (once), bombing Mac and I with him. He cries when he's taken away from these behaviors, but doesn't stop doing them. He hasn't gone to bed with him in 3 nights, and he does cry about it, but as long as he sees him in the morning he's okay with it. if only we could lose those pesky fingers in his mouth!


  1. Lovey attachment is so strong :(. Ella's lost one of her 2 'baby's' but fortunately never knew the diff. Now baby isn't allowed to leave the house!!.

  2. I'm so glad we have 4 "sleepy bears" I am not looking forward to the day we try to lessen the dependence, it won't be anytime soon that's for sure. Poor Sir Nixon :(