Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Raising my son with reality induced honest lessons

  Let's start with, I don't do things to scare Nixon. Rather I do things so he's aware of things that just aren't right and I tell him these things whenever the moment arises. It's also important to mention, Nixon wants every boo boo and owie he gets to be kissed all better by me or sometimes Mac.

Last week Nixon was walking funny and saying his peenie hurt. During his bath, Mac asked me to take a look at Nixon's "junk" because it looked all red. Nixon cried and didn't want anyone looking at it, but Mommy needed to take a look. It looked irritated and was sensitive when I touched it, but a little neosproin overnight and it was better by morning. I did that for 3 days and now he hasn't had another issue.

Before he could even ask I had this conversation with him:

me- Nixon, I know mommy kisses all your owies better, but I won't be kissing this one.
Nixon- No kiss?
me- I'll hug and you kiss your cheek, but your peenie is a place that no one is allowed to kiss. Not even mommy, okay?
Nixon- uhhh.....
me- Nixon, if anyone besides Mommy or Daddy touches your peenie you tell us right away. You're not going to be in trouble. You aren't being naughty, but the person who does it is being very naughty.
Nixon- I pee from my peenie, no kisses it!
me- That's right Nixon! (haha for now that logic with stick, give it 10 years and I bet his feelings change on the subject *sigh*)
Nixon- Mommy my peenie's better, no kisses for it cause that is naughty!
me- Okay, mister!

I'm pretty sure I also mentioned he should avoid strangers in windowless vans, with puppies or who offer candy to him. None of that sank in, I lost him at puppies.

Next lesson?? Less backseat driving. haha (he's got a bad case)

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