Saturday, June 23, 2012

Logic, according to a 3-year old

Nixon declared yesterday, his favorite color is green. I found this hilarious on multiple levels: he spent the morning in bed with me asking to see "my mommy's favorite eyes", he kept playing with "my favorite green yo-yo" and he is obsessed with riding in "the green car".

Let me elaborate.
My eyes are green.
His yo-yo is green (and is now in the garbage because he sent it whizzing through the air, inches from my head last night and crashing into the living room window. He's in a throwing phase and lots of toys are getting thrown out as a subsequent action.)
My new car, the Kia Soul, is green.

I'd like to say it's coincidence but I think the truth is: I've accidentally bribed Nixon into thinking green is the best color in the world! Everytime we go for a ride in my car, he gets to pick a matchbox car from a multipack I keep in the back of my car. It makes getting him out to the car less of a fight, and he has something to look forward to. Expect now, he ONLY wants to go in the green car, even though I set up a small box of new cars for him in Mac's car as well.

Last night, Mac was taking Nixon for a ride and asked Nixon which car he wanted to ride in. Nixon had seen me putting the box of new cars in Mac's car the night before, which should have been enough to get Nixon to say "blue car"....but no.

Mac: Nixon, we're going to go for a ride.
Nixon: In the green car?
Mac: No buddy, mommy is staying home, so we're taking the blue car.
Nixon: NO! No! Blue car! Only green car!
me: Nixon, you know the blue car has toys in it now too, right?
Nixon: NO, blue car is stupid!
me: What?!
Mac: Nixon, do you want to take the green car?
Nixon: Yes. May I have go in green car please?
me: Nixon, what's wrong with daddy's blue car?
Nixon: Blue car is not green car. *and he walks away*
me: *to Mac* You really can't argue with that logic.

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