Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's like he's a NINJA

Nixon likes to creep around stealth-like. He'll come into our bedroom while I'm sleeping and just stand next to my side watching me. Sometimes, he'll climb into bed and cover my face in kisses while I sleep. Once in a while, he'll come in and tell me "Mommy, I awake now. I even pee peed in the potty and flushed it all by myself", it's like his version of a "good morning". 

His new ninja skills can be a real mood killer! For example, last week. Mac and I were getting to know each other in a carnal way, during Nixon's nap. We were downstairs and Nixon was sleeping upstairs. We thought we were safe because there's no way you can move upstairs without the ceiling creaking. I mean, even the cats walking upstairs sounds like Mac walking up there. 
So, back to the story, we're getting to the best part when all of a sudden, Nixon appears on the stairs all sweet sleepy-faced. Mood over! 

Anyone else living with a secret mood-killing ninja child??

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