Tuesday, October 16, 2012

more conversations with Nixon

...the following conversation took place Sunday morning, during our Denny's breakfast family date. We try to do this once a week on Mac's weekends off, but lately it hasn't been happening for a variety of reasons. Since it was Sunday we spent some time talking about football, specifically our fantasy teams. While discussing them I had this brief conversation with Nixon about favorite teams: 

me: Nixon, what's your favorite football team?
Nixon: *short pause* the brown
me: The Browns?
Nixon: Yeah, Browns!
me: Seriously? The Browns. *looking at Mac* How did this happen?
Mac: I don't know.
me: Nixon, what about the Eagles? 
Mac: You can't do that! Let him choose his own team. 
me: Fine. Nixon you can like any team you want....as long as its not those damned dirty Cowboys.
Mac: Stop! That's not fair, and you're always telling me to let him be himself.
me: I can tell him not to like the Bills, if it'd make you feel better.
Mac: NO! He can like any team he wants to.
Nixon: Brown, my favorite football is brown. 
me: Wait?? You like the brown football?? 
Nixon: Yeah!
me: What about teams? Like Dolphins or Eagles?
Nixon: Eagles!
me: whew...that was close! *as I hug and kiss this awesome boy of mine*


In other news, it's not often I get really strong, positive reactions to Nixon's name. So when a woman in the checkout lane at Target did just that, I was kind of taken aback. 

me- Nixon, please stay next to me
woman in line in front of me- Nixon? What a great name!
me- Thanks.
woman- Maybe he's got a future in politics? He has the name for it.
me- Maybe not...not with the current state of our political world. 
woman- maybe he can help change things years from now.

She was very nice and kind about it, and so hopeful for his future. We hardly ever get such a good reaction to his name. Some times we hear a "that's a different name", which usually turns out to be code for "you've ruined his life with your failure to just use a normal name" and other times we've heard "Well it's not the worse name I've heard of", which is followed by but not spoken "but it's on my top 10 worst ever". Family just kind of suck it up at this point, friends were very supportive if only because they like the story of how we chose his name. 


Finally...I was woken up by Nixon the other day. He came into the bedroom and lightly touched my arm. 
"Mommy, are you awake?"
I rolled over and opened one eye at him, mumbling something totally incoherent, which Nixon took as a sign I was, indeed, awake. 
"Yay! I get grapes now!" 

Apparently, Mac had told him he couldn't have grapes until I was awake. I woke up and found NIxon gleefully waiting for his grapes in the kitchen.

And then he made me coffee....well I watched him as he made me a cup of coffee. He's all about helping me make coffee in my Kuerig. He figured it out before Mac did! haha 

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