Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wishing someone close to my heart a Happy Birthday!

Happy 10th birthday, to my baby girl, Arwen!

Arwen has been with me, since she was 5 weeks old. Her mom decided she was done with the kittens and placed them in the dog's food dish. I went in to work and found a small, mewing, precious kitten that needed me almost as much as I needed her. I was in a low place in life, my relationship at the time and really needed to feel needed. I fed her kitten formula for a month, manually wiped her with baby wipes for a couple weeks and guarded her from our other cat, Alley.

I didn't name her, but I knew she was going to be my baby. I was convinced I wanted a Bengal cat and had been looking for a kitten, when a co-worker informed my then-fiance (who was going to be paying for the kitten I ultimately chose) that his mom's bangal was expecting a litter of kittens. I agreed to hold off my search until I saw the kittens. Arwen was the most bengal looking of the kittens born and as soon as I saw her I was smitten!

Arwen has been my constant companion. Even when it was just the 2 of us, she was always there for me when I needed to be pulled out of a dark place.

When it was time to bring her into my home with Mac, she was shy and withdrawn. It took her 6 months to adjust to him. Now, she sleeps in bed with us almost every night. She even snuggled with Mac while I was caring for Peanut! She's come a long way.

She's not jealous of Nixon but she's not overly fond of him either. Indifferent, I'd best describe her relationship with Nixon as indifferent. Recently, as Nixon calms down from the crazy, tornado ball of energy he is to a momentarily caring and affectionate animal lover I know he can be, Arwen will nuzzle him and purr when he pets her. It's the closest thing to a sibling relationship Nixon will have and they are learning to love each other.

So happy 10th birthday, baby girl! Thank you for being the cuddly, anti-social, overly loud purring, bundle of fur you are! You've been my baby before I knew I wanted a baby and are as important to me as Nixon is.

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