Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's time to start contributing....

   I'm talking about me..contributing to the family finances. Whew, I bet a lot of you thought I was going to start asking for money, didn't you?!?! Nope, not going down that road.

    In addition to Mac and I ebaying a massive amount of comic books, action figures and other figurines I've decided I'm going to reopen my store and give in to my crafty side and sell some shit! Specifically, for now at least, the card stock silhouettes I've made. I've done the Avengers  for Nixon's birthday, my next project will be something a little girly. I'm hoping to do a My Little Pony and a Disney Princess or two.

   The point is: I may not be able to get a job outside of the home, but I do have some talents that might be able to bring in some cash.

    Here's hoping. I'll post photos of the newest ones (the "girly" ones) when they're finished. I'm going supply shopping in just a bit.

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