Friday, January 18, 2013

fancy free and child-free weekend plans

  The best part about moving home from Okinawa was being an hour away from one of my two best friends. It's turned out to be the best thing for both of us, like when F needed me to care for Peanut whole she went out of town for work. It's hard having a job that requires traveling and a single mom, unless you have wicked awesome friends who you trust like family and can take over temporary parenting duties while your gone. Living an hour away allowed me to be that person for her, which allowed Peanut to stay in her own home while her mom was away.
   It also afforded me to be there for some rough nights, when F just needed a friend...even if my in-laws were here visiting. My best friend was hurting and I was finally close enough to help her, so I went and helped. I was even there for a week taking care of her and Peanut as they battled the flu. That wasn't why I was originally there, F was supposed to be going out of town, but the flu kicked her in the teeth and made it impossible for her to leave, so Nixon and I stayed and I made sure they were taken care of.

   The worst part of being in the military is, you're almost never in the same place for more than a three to four years. F's time in Maryland is coming to an end and she's going (back) to California. Yep, we just got back together, all three of us (C is living in North Carolina just 5 hours away) on the same coast and it was too short lived. At the end of the month, F is on her way to sunny California.

   Tonight begins my last weekend with her. I'm "ditching" Nixon (I'm leaving him with Mac for the weekend) and I'm spending time with my girl. I'm not sure when I'm see her again after this, but we're going to make this weekend count. Spa trip for facials (if that falls through we're doing spa day at her house), wine, girl talk, even some totally child-free one-on-one time.
   I'm going to miss the hell out of her! But tonight, this weekend, is all about making memories and spending time together, not goodbyes.

   I love you, F.

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