Friday, January 4, 2013

*UPDATED*...because I'm a mommy to fur-kids (cats) too

My name is Amber and I'm fur-kid #2

    For those of you not in-the-know, we have 2 cats. Arwen has been with me since she was 5 weeks old. She turned 10 in October. Amber we got after my sister adopted her from a shelter. She wasn't super fond of my niece. Since we were childless at the time, we gave her a try. We've had her for 6 years in March and she is perfect!
   Well, kind of. 

   The past week she's been pissing and shitting on Nixon's bed. Only his bed, and if the door is closed she will use the litter box. I took her to the vet yesterday, concerned that she's sick. The vet was impressed by how sweet and low-key she is, of course. (Arwen is the high-strung diva in the house)
   We got blood test and urinalysis results this morning. But before I tell you, can I just say I am LOVING the new vet we found. It's a cat only vet office, which is awesome by itself. The vet called with the results and spent over 20 minutes on the phone with me talking about Amber and possible solutions to the problem. That's an awesome doctor, in my opinion.

   Results. Nothing medical causing this. Amber's had anxiety issues in the past, and prozac helped those, so that's an option but not our first choice. For now we're going to set up a new litter box, with the usual litter not the new stuff we've got, and look into a pheromone plug-in for Nixon's room, to discourage her from going in there. 

   So, while there's no real reason for this and there's no quick-fix, I do have a vet I trust. That's kind of a big deal since I have major trust issues. 

   It's not about Nixon but it's about our other "kids".

*On a more serious note: I've flipped my shit about this fucking pissing and shitting on the bed thing! I'm so over Amber and this bullshit. I flipped on Nixon last night because he kept his door open and Amber shit on his bed (again!). I'm just so annoyed that this keeps happening. Multiple times a day even,and now there's no reason for it. If she was sick I'd understand, but she's stupid healthy!
  I felt bad for flipping my shit on Nixon, but I can't bring myself to kick the cat, no matter how badly I want too! I'm tired of walking into Nixon's room and finding a pile of shit on his bed. I'm over washing the sheets and blankets EVERY NIGHT!
   I feel like I can't do anything correctly. I can't keep a cat from not using the litter box and I can't get my 4-year old to close his fucking bedroom door! And the result of those to failures piss me off!

   I suppose none of this is improved by Nixon's sudden turn to the dark side. NO, not Star Wars, he's just been a total mouthy little shit lately. Mouthing off, talking back, refusing to do simple thing (like pull-up his pants!) and just a real pain-in-my-ass in general. It's stressing me out to the point I've asked for an appointment to get back on my meds, because I keep flipping my shit when he's pissing me off. It's not a good situation and since I don't see him out-growing this shitty little phase anytime soon, I'm doing the best that I can do to take my anger and short-temper out of the equation.
   Gods I hate being such a fucking mess of a person. A mental mess, but a mess none-the-less.

    Since the vet called, we've had no messes on Nixon's bed, Amber's being more social with us and I haven't flipped my shit! It could all be coincidence since she can't get into Nixon's room (we've closed the door and angled a gate across the door, so there's no way for Amber to get in without scaring herself first). We'll more-then-likely get the new litter box today, so fingers crossed that helps as well.
   She's snuggled up on the back of the sofa, as I type this, behind where both Mac and Nixon are sitting. I'm still not her favorite person, but the feeling is still pretty mutual, so we're all good.

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  1. girl, I feel your pain!!!! After having to deal with two cats with behavioral issues due to constant moving (we're a military fam as well), I am so over cats. We tried EVERYTHING under the sun to resolve our issues (which were peeing outside the litterbox, slight aggression toward our son, and hiding under the bed all day), and nothing worked. We eventually found homes for them both because I don't put up with animals pissing all over the house. Cats, as you know, are extremely temperamental and the slightest change in their environment sets them off.

    I hope you can get it resolved. We had some luck with the pheromone plug-ins, but eventually the cats were back to their old habits and found new places to pee.

    I will NEVER own another damn cat... and that's a lot coming from me, who loves all animals.