Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I swear he's never seen Ace Ventura...that I know of.

Moms, you'll all know exactly what I deal with when I say: I never get to go to the bathroom alone! If it's not Nixon suddenly needing me, it's my cat scratching the door and mewing like someone is trying to eat her!

Yesterday, Mac was at work, so in an effort to avoid the usual *knock, knock* games, I left the door open. Nixon was quiet for a bit so I was understandably concern. That concern quickly turned to laughing my ass almost right off the toilet, when Nixon suddenly did a drive-by the bathroom door...completely naked!

He did a few laps before stopping outside the bathroom, bending over and smacking his butt saying "Mommy, my butt is talking to you....not farts!" It wasn't crude but it was just such a boy thing to do! He had me cracking up!

It's not just Nixon invading my bathroom time. Last night, while I took a super relaxing hot bath, Amber sat on the side of the tub watching me. At one point she dipped her paw in the water! I honestly thought she was going to fall in and I was going to get the skin scratched off of me. She was good and just wanted to be near me, which is odd for her, because last week I was the devil in her eyes.

This morning he says to me "Trust me, mommy, I'll clean you messy kitchen. You look good cooking", he was using the broom on the floor, while I was making pancakes. He was trying to clean up a single drip of batter on the floor. I'm not a super messy cook, though apparently, Nixon would disagree with that statement. 

I'm not sure how I ever laughed before Nixon and his antics, but I'm pretty sure I never laughed as hard as I do these days!


  1. Hahaha!!! "I want to ass you a question!"

    Love it! :)

  2. I think only a trip to Ponderosa made you laugh that hard when we were younger!!! ;)