Monday, July 8, 2013

7 year itch?? Nah, not in this house!

    Ever have those future "what-if" conversations with your husband/wife or significant other? Occasionally, mac and I have them and they are really random. The most recent one was last week as we were celebrating the 7 year anniversary of our first date.

   Someone had asked if I was getting "itchy" now that it was 7 years. (You know that old adage of the 7 year itch?) Mac and I were talking about it and how we felt like we really were too perfectly matched to find anyone else who would put up with us, like each other does.
   I said "Well, if this ever falls apart I'm not dating. Do you know how impossible it'd be to find a guy who is childless NOW at my age?!" I was totally serious too. While I adore Nixon, I'm not looking for, nor do I ever picture myself with a blended family. I'm too selfish to share myself, my partner and my son with someone else's family which is what a blended family is all about. I admire women who step-up and do the step-mom/step-family thing. It's never easy from what I've witnessed.
   As for me? Itch or not. I'm willing to fight and work for what I've got right now. Mac and I haven't hit bumps we can't smooth out over time and I'm not tired of his face yet. I'll keep him. Besides, look at the adorable child we made together. Who wouldn't want to stay with the man who helped create that/him with me?!?

   Our family is odd an unconventional for sure. We have bad days and good days. But when I have my bad days and it feels like my world is crumbling around me, Mac is my rock. He's the person I turn too when I need support or a laugh. I can't imagine ever wanting to let go of the security I feel when he holds me.

   So, 7 year itch be damned! We're 7 years since our first date and still going strong!


  1. Eeheehee!!! I know who asked that one!!!! LOL Yeah, if Shawn and I ever part ways, I'm just becoming A-Sexual... ;) I thought about lesbianism, but having female friends can be hard enough, let alone toss some extra emotions in the mix? Naw, I love me enough to keep me company and I always have you and my Mom!!! <3 :D

    1. If you and Shawn part ways it'll only be a matter of time before Mac and I part ways...then you and I will find a nice area to live in, near each other but not in the same house. It'll just have to be within 100 miles of Mac....that's in our prenup, because we have a kid now.
      But that's so far down the road Nixon may be in college and then the distance thing is moot....I think. No, wait. I'm positive it's moot by then. Custody is only until the child is of legal age, so unless Nixon starts college at 15, we're good-to-go LOL