Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thank Goddess I left the pj's at home

Today I became a MOM. Mommy is for moms with little ones, who start to move but aren't really a challenge. MOM is when you're dealing with a child aching to be his/her own person while trying to please you at the same time. It's not always pretty and it can be challenging as hell. MOM also has to deal with random messes.
And puke. Today I had to deal with puke....on-the-go.

Nixon and I had playdate plans, which meant getting up before dawn and driving Mac to work to have the car for the play date. We left the house a shade before 5am. Unfortunately, Mac in all his rushing around, forgot his wallet it's kind of a big deal. SO, I offered to drive home, grab the wallet and bring it back to him. Which I did. I stopped in the kitchen to grab a bottle of oj from the fridge and a sippy cup for Nixon. I poured him half a cup and then settled in to drive back to Mac. Nixon had fallen asleep on the drive back, only waking up when Mac opened the door to see him. As I was leaving, Nixon said "uh-oh" in a really distraught manner. I pulled over, ran around to Nixon's side of the car and opened the door. He was covered in slimy, smelly wet stuff and looked very sad about it. I grabbed my cellphone (so grateful I remembered to bring it with me today, most days I bring only my wallet), called Mac and asked him if he could bring some paper towels out to the car for me. I drove back down to him and unbuckled Nixon so I could clean him up. His hoodie was gross and taken off. His blanket had pukey stuff on it too. Mac took Nixon inside so I could clean up his carseat. I'm not sure how he managed it, but the only spot on the carseat that got vomit on, was the nylon straps and plastic buckle.
About five minutes later, we were on the way home again. Halfway home, Nixon vomited again. While I was sitting at a red light. I made a very quick turn into a Lawson's parking lot and set out to clean him again. Like before, I made sure Nixon knew I wasn't mad at him only concerned about his tummy. He giggled a little before I got back in the car and drove home. We got home a little before 8am, and after a change of clothes and a fresh diaper, Nixon was back in bed asleep. I canceled our playdate and went back to bed myself.

He's warm to the touch, but so far has kept a banana and toast down. Maybe it was a puke fluke, maybe he just got car sick. Who knows, all I know is puke-on-the-go is not the motherhood badge of honor I was hoping for when I woke up today.
But at least I wasn't in my pajama bottoms when I had to get in and out of the car multiple times. Especially considering my pj's are Mac's old ones, which means very baggy and long on me and have fast food all over them. My gut made me put jeans on and I am glad I did!


  1. This happened to Ella back in the fall..we were on our way home from a trip & stopped for drinks.she wanted apple juice, which she rarely drinks. About 5 minutes from our house, all that juice came back out! I think it was a combo of too sweet & curvy roads. Ewww.

  2. I'd like to claim it was the juice, but he was really just not himself all day long. There's a pretty wicked flu going around so here's hoping that's all we'll see of it.