Wednesday, January 25, 2012

walls closing in on me and boob grabbing good times

Here it is, the last full week of January already.
Wait! What?!?!? No, that can't be right! I mean, it was just New Year's Eve, like.....a week ago or something, wasn't it??
Didn't we JUST get the official orders to Annapolis?
Didn't Nixon just start wearing undies to bed at night??

No? Really? It's been almost a month for all of that? Well, shit! Guess I've got some work to do huh?

Well, this is what I've done so far:
* bagged up Nixon's outgrown clothes and shoes (separated by sizes and tops/bottoms), posted for sale.
* posted for sale 3 complete book series by 3 authors I adore (in an effort to keep up my end of the deal that got me my Kobo and lighten our weight going home)
* cleaned 2 strollers and a car seat....FYI: convertible car seat with 5 point harness HUGE fucking pain in the ass to take the cover off to clean. If you aren't cussing at it and threatening the manufacturers of the seat, you aren't cleaning it!  
* Sold a stroller (yay!!)
* waited 2.5 hours today, with Mac (goddess bless my geeky husband and his magical pocket of gadgets...we watched Big Bang Theory while waiting for our turn at the vet!) took both cats and they are now up-to-date on shots!! I am very disappointed that I did not get to see someone get their face ripped off by the dogs that were stressed out from waiting at the vet walk-in clinic hours and were not listening to the "shhhhh, it's okay, I'm right here". Here's a tip, when the dog is a 100+lb rott and he's skittish with a HUGE alpha dog complex (disliked and launched at any other big dog that came into the clinic) probably not a good idea to just walk-in, better off making an appointment for the big boy, cause he was scaring a couple of the vet techs there which is NEVER a good thing!
* cleaned out closets and have a large box of old toys to donate as well as 3-4 bags of my clothes to donate. (Anyone else have toys that mate in closets?? No, just me? I swear the last time I checked this one closet there were 3 bags of toys. I opened it last night....5 bags of toys!! And why did Nixon beeline to the loudest, most obnoxious toys in the closet?!?!? It was as if they were a lighthouse and Nixon was a boat lost out at sea! "Mommy, I needs the truck!")
* bought 2 tickets for Nixon and I to go on a short kiddie group tour on Monday to a zoo I've been wanting to go to with him.

So why do I feel like I haven't gotten anything done?? Because this is where my anxiety hides. Deep in the corner of my mind where I can't see it, but I can feel the pressure of it pushing me down, hitting me from behind, whispering in me ear in the dark when I fall asleep "it's not enough, you'll never get everything done, there's so much to do, you haven't even started.....xxxxx". Then my heart starts racing, I hear my pulse in my ears, I get hot and flushed, I toss and turn, I kick the covers off my legs and then pull them up over my ears. I close my eyes again and slowly fall into the tunnel of sleep....stressful, panicky, not really restful sleep.

Did I mention Nixon is now in a stage of total mindlessly grabbing my breasts? He does the double handful (well at this age, for him they are a handful!) shuffle with them, while asking me to pick him up! Except, he seems to like rubbing his face on them during hugs too, like mini-motorboating! I think it's harmless, Mac think it needs to be discouraged....whatever. It's a phase right??? I mean he did get nursed from them, so it's not so bad. He's not grabbing random woman's boobs, he's grabbing mine...his mom's. One day, he'll really hate stories like this!

Finally, a conversation with Nixon:
(on the way to K's house today before going to the vet)
Nixon: Mommy, are we going to Miss Macy's?
me: yes we are. I'm going to leave you there because the cats are going to the doctors. Is that okay?
Nixon: Okay. I like Miss Macy. She's my friend.
me: Is she your best friend?
Nixon: Yeah!
me: Is she your favorite person?
Nixon: Um, no.
me: No?
Nixon: No, Mommy, she's my friend not a person!

how do you argue with the logic of a 3 year old?? I didn't, I was laughing too hard!

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