Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh no.....He's looking at your baby!!! Quick be an Asshole!

    Nixon is 3 and has recently started noticing EVERY baby we see. While at the Post Office today, a woman came in with a baby in a car seat carrier and Nixon rushed over to see the baby, exclaiming to me "Mommy look it's a baby!" The mother sat the carrier on the floor and Nixon looked at the baby, from a safe distance, tucked behind my legs. Very cute scene, I assure you. 

    (Now before I have to start smacking the hell out of people, let me say: simply because Nixon is noticing babies and is curious about them, it does not mean he "needs or wants a sibling". It simply means he is noticing that there are mini-people, known as babies, around him and they're kind of cute. Much in the way I was noticing the oh-so-yummy-piece-of-man-candy today: gorgeous, heavily tattooed, muscular arms, nice flat stomach, long lean legs, tall....very yummy looking, indeed. Doesn't mean I want another man in my life, simply means I noticed something that was intriguing to me.  So please, spare me the Nixon needs a sibling shit....that ship has sailed, by way of Mac's successful vasectomy last year.)

   While running errands today, I took Nixon to Starbucks for a little "coffee milk" (in his case just a regular chocolate milk, but in a Starbucks cup, so he feels all grown up), which serves as a good distraction when I go grocery shopping our next stop. There were a couple of ladies at a table right next to the register, one lady with a very teeny tiny baby, again Nixon noticed and went over to look at the baby. I was watching him, he never touched the baby or the mom or even the table. He kept a fair distance from them, in fact, just looking at the baby....who happened to be getting fed. Breastfed. By mom, obviously. Who was not covering herself. To be fair to her, nothing was showing, but it was obvious what she was doing. 
    I prefer not to draw attention to situations like this, because I never know how women will react. I simply called Nixon over to me and told him I got him a "coffee milk". I did look at the woman from the corner of my eye and noticed she was staring at my son and it wasn't an "aww how cute was he?!?" kind of look. It was more an annoyed "can you believe him?" look.  
    I don't give two-flying-shits if you bottle-feed, breast-feed or tree-feed your kid. Honestly, so long as your feeding your kid then that's good enough for me. I do get annoyed when YOU, a grown ass woman, choose to breastfeed and NOT cover yourself, give a child who is just curious about what your doing and who is not even looking at your mommy juice bags, a dirty look for daring to gaze at you in public while you're feeding your infant! He was looking at the baby, who happened to be attached to your mommy juice bag at the time, only because you were feeding him/her, not because my 3-year old is a perv and likes looking at breasts! No, he likes looking at mini-people. So please, get over yourself, get off your high-hormone-induced horse and put yourself back in place. He meant no harm.

    By the way, when did we get so fucking touching about being looked at?? Like really, is my 3-year old going to kidnap a baby drinking from the boob somehow without the mom or myself knowing? Is my 3-year old such a threat to you and your child that him looking at you is somehow so offensive it grants dirty look status and reaction?? 
    You know who is a threat to you and your baby? Your ignorant attitude. That's going to haunt you both all your lives!


  1. I totally agree! I thought you were going to go into a thing about breastfeeding in public there for a sec seems how that's the latest thing here in the states and so many people have their panties in a wad about it... geez, people need to chill. I feel as though if you feel the urge to breastfeed your child in public, boobs hanging out for half the world to see, then you should be ready to accept the looks you're going to get, especially from kids (and probably even more-so from breastfed kids who may suddenly want some milk from their own mom's juice bag). haha! I never could breastfeed in public- guess I'm too self-conscious.

    1. Kids are curious, its kind of a basic "flaw" they have. It's also why they can get away with saying some outrageous things in public.
      I didn't breastfeed in public, mostly because I also pumped and kept bottles with us when we went out. Breastfeeding was for nighttime only, because I was lazy and it hurt like hell because Nixon was (and still is) tongue tied.

  2. People are ridiculous. Yeah, I could understand her giving the stink eye to a creepy guy staring at her, but a child? Poor kid. My daughter is uber interested in all things baby right now and she's only 18 months, so she does NOT understand personal boundaries. I wonder how that would have gone over? lol

    PS - This is me being extremely jealous that you are in JAPAN while I am rotting away in Norfolk, Virginia, armpit of the Navy!

    PPS - I'm your newest follower. Also I tend to ramble on a bit.

    1. welcome to my ramblings and thanks for following!! Okinawa is like the anal leakage of Japan, but its kind of the military spouses that make it suck. The island itself it beautiful! We're only here for a couple more months, then we are Annapolis, Maryland bound!!

      I could have even understood giving ME, his mother, the stink eye for not teaching him boundaries...but really, a kid?!?! C'mon now! lol