Friday, January 3, 2014

Frolicking in the snow

   Nixon had a snow day today. Yesterday saw over 4 inches of snow fall in our area, and due to falling temps overnight the roads got icy fast which led to schools being cancelled for the safety of the children. I had a feeling they'd be cancelled and kind of prepared Nixon for that last night. I woke up at 6am, checked the school's county facebook page to see what the decision was, and went back to bed when I saw school was cancelled today.
   Nixon came into our bed sometime around 730am and went to sleep with us for a bit. In the end, we stayed in bed until very late in the morning, and it was glorious!

   After breakfast and coffee, the three of us bundled up and headed outside to shovel the sidewalk/parking spots and clean off the cars. Nixon just played in the snow most of the time.
   He did have one winter kid experience that every kid I know has had: he ate an icicle he pulled off my car! Mac thought it was gross (which it is) but I just laughed and told Nixon that I did the same thing as a kid. It happens, but not to do it again.

   When the cars were cleaned off, the sidewalk shoveled and the parking spots cleared I showed Nixon how to make snow angels in the backyard! Yep, I got down in the snow and made one with him. And it was awesome! We rolled around in the snow together, chased each other and threw snow at each other just completely enjoying the snow and our time out in it!
    Having him and watching him playing in the snow brought back memories of my own childhood winters in the snow. I'm glad he's making some snow-memories of his own and I hope he'll remember me being there with him.

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