Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This is a bold, raw, nakedly honest post....sorry.

    I've been struggling...postponing?....avoiding?....delaying the inevitable disappointment?....uh, maybe I should just start again.

    I've been a stay-at-home-mom since less than a week before Nixon's birth. That was the last time I was gainfully employed. In the five years since his birth, I've filled out/turned in/interviewed for and gotten offered exactly one job. Unfortunately, due to Mac's work schedule being rumored to be completely overhauled I had to turn down the job, only to find out less than a week later, the "sure thing" schedule change wasn't going to happen after all and I'd turned down the job for no reason but it was too late to try to get it back because training for the position had already started.
   I had stressed, panicked and gotten anxious over the entire process, even going so far to psyche myself out during the waiting period before I even got the call that I was offered the job. It was so upsetting when I had to call and turn down the job offer. And even more upsetting when it was all for naught.

    So here I am, application waiting to be filled out, for a different job, and I've been stalling for weeks now! Not because I don't think I'll get the job or even because I don't want the job I'm applying for, in fact it's a great change of pace from my previous jobs while still utilizing all the skills I've acquired over the years. It's outside of my comfort zone, but in a place that I know I can truly be happy and feel like I'm doing something worthwhile every day....if I get the job.
   So why is it I only now, just quite literally moments ago, finished the application?

   Because I'm in a funk. I don't feel worthy of even trying to compete for a job that I realize I'm quite qualified for. I'm barely qualified to care for Nixon most days, it feels like to me, and yet here I am trying to (or at least considering) getting a job outside of the house?! Am I nuts?? Who is seriously going to look at my application and want to hire me? There's no spot on the application to write: "I hope you take into consideration that it took me nearly a month to complete and turn in the application because I'm so sure I won't ever get called for an interview I certain this is a waste of paper and trees were killed in vein for no reason." Yeah, somehow I doubt even if there was room for that, I still wouldn't get an interview.

   I need to get a job, even just a part-time one. Mac retires in 5 months. We talked, mostly seriously, just this evening about purchasing a house instead of renting within the next 6 months, when our current lease is up. This is some serious grown-up shit y'all! I'm looking at houses because of the school district they're in, not because they're necessarily the best fit. I'm considering SCHOOL DISTRICTS!! I know the top 3 elementary schools in the area we live in right now and I'm searching to find a place that will get Nixon in one of those 3 schools. I'm considering potential job locales Mac may end up at, and trying to look for houses close to major highways while still keeping in mind school districts.
    I can do all that and not freak, but me? Apply for a job? Yeah, then I freak. And delay. And worry that my 5 year employment gap will be a hindrance or how should I explain other past employment questions. I prepare for interview questions before I even drop-off an application. Overkill much?

     I thought, if I messaged people to ask to use them as references, I'd be motivated to finish the application and turn it in.
    I guess I'm hoping if I write this, and put this out where I know it will be seen by friends, family members and even total strangers, then maybe that will force me to turn it in. It's completed. I'm adding the phone numbers I have for my references as soon as this is posted.
    I probably can't drop it off tomorrow because there's a snow storm coming and we're predicted to get 4-6 inches of snow, which means it'll be a good idea to stay home. Wednesday maybe possible, although I may have to take Nixon with me...is that awful? To bring my child with me just to drop-off an application? Shit, see now I think I should wait until Friday because Mac will be home and he can watch Nixon while I drop it off and maybe try to talk to a supervisor when I do. But then....I could email it in, I have the ability to scan it, but I always preferred to hand an application in, in person, but that was over 5 years ago so maybe emailing it in is actually better than doing it in person? I'd get it turned it quicker.....I suppose I could email it tomorrow and then call Friday to check if it's been received... aaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome to the entire thought process that I go through as I over think and freak out over a simple job application!

    I don't remember ever freaking out like this, preNixon job search days. But now it seems there's so much more riding on it that I need to find something that works for him, for me and around Mac's schedule for now.
   At least I've got insurance already. I don't need to worry about that mess.

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  1. It'll be fine. Just turn it in knowing that is all you can do and the ball is in their court now. You can pass all the worry over to them because they will have one more qualified candidate to select from and the hard decision making will be left up to them.