Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are you ready for a new DRAMA LLAMA story?!?!?!?!

thank you to the Bloggess for providing me a blank template to make this awesomeness with!!

People, it's been pretty clear in the past 2 days, I've got some shit going on in my life, right? I mean I'm not dancing through the lily patch doing cartwheels singing "coom-bah-yah" and doing happy little back springs while sniffing the roses. Life's dealt me a pretty shitty hand so pardon me if I'm on edge and shut down for a few hours!

Oh, a little background might help right?? 
I mentioned selling things. Well, today I met a woman and sold Nixon's old convertible carseat. I washed had removed the fabric covers and washed them, hung them to dry and put it in the closet away from the cats until today when it was taken out to the car. We met, I showed her how to raise the headrest and recline the seat. I got the money, she put the carseat in her car. I drove away, she (presumably) went to lunch at the dining facility we met at with her child. 
I picked up Mac and Nixon. We went to get my ID/name situation straightened out. (Some moron changed my name from what it is to: Ball R Wilcox, no where NEAR what it is and we wanted to start getting everything in order so there are no more possible complications or curve balls as we get closer to leaving). That took maybe a half hour total. 
We got home and Nixon went down for a nap. Big surprise that I'm not sleeping well lately. If I sleep a solid 4 hours without waking up in the middle of it, it was a good night's sleep. Last night was not good, and Nixon got up at 7am! I followed his lead and took a nap. My cellphone is NEVER near me (it pisses mac off to no end!) Nixon napped for over 4 hours, which meant I napped for the same amount of time. I didn't wake up when Mac left for work. I didn't hear my phone beep to let me know the battery was dying. I only woke up when Nixon crawled up into bed with me, opened one of my eye lids and said "Mommy, may I have watch Phineas and Ferb please, now?" and yes, he really does lift our eyelids to wake us up. It was cute...the first couple times. Now its just rude!

Apparently, I missed a lot of shit while I was sleeping. I got Nixon situated and signed on to removed the carseat photos from the site I had them posted on, since it was sold, only to see K messaged me that I needed to contact the admin of the site. Confused I looked on the site and grabbed my phone. I'd missed 2 texts from the broad who bought the carseat, she assumed I was ignoring her and created a post on the site which got the admin's attention and the request for me to contact the administrator myself. Only problem was: the post had been up for over 3 hours by this point, seen and commented by over 20 people and the admin had posted on the photo of the carseat therefore my whole namelessness went down the drain. 
Obviously, you're still confused as hell! The issue with the carseat is, according to the broad who bought it, it reeks of cat pee. I don't see how as I washed everything fabric and it was stored in a closet away from my cats. She sent me a text at a little after 2pm (I was already asleep), she hadn't gotten a response within an hour and started a post (not naming me) but blasting the person who sold a pee soaked carseat and then ignoring her efforts to contact them (ie me). An hour people!! In an hour, she hadn't heard from me so she felt justified in creating a post to blast me and assume I did this intentionally and she was just shit-out-of-luck on getting her money back! A fucking HOUR!! However, SHE never mentions she only gave me an hour to reply, she never mentioned that to the admin that contacted her either! Convenient!
I'm looking at possibly getting banned from this FREE selling site because of this drama llama! Nixon calls Mac from my phone while I'm messaging people to get things straightened out. Mac calls and asks if everything's okay (not because he knows about the drama llama but because Nixon called him and was babbling for a few minutes) but I filled him in and he said "Fuck it, just tell her I'll meet her and give her the money back for the seat." 

I'll just copy and paste the rest, because it pretty much wrote itself in the end.....if I come off wrong here in any way please feel free to say so. Enjoy the Llama!!

IDL= Impatient Drama Llama

(my exact message to IDL* regarding the car seat):

First, let me say I apologize that you feel I'm blowing you off. My phone was turned off. I've been fighting insomnia lately and my son blessed me by taking a 4 hour nap. I took advantage of it and napped as well, which apparently gave you the impression I was blowing you off and gave you free reign to go to not only the sites admin but also the site in general and make veiled assumptions about me, based on things you have no information about. So thanks for that. You started that thread within an hour of texting me. That's hardly enough time to assume I'm blowing you off.
Second, sending me a text that says " will washing it again to the trick" is not asking for tips. 

Finally as for the seat itself: I apologize for the smell, but I honestly have no idea where it came from. I have all the items I'm selling in a closet which the cats (obviously) can't get into. They can't open doors. As I said, the seat was washed, put in the closet and posted for sale. It's been in that closet the whole time. 
I don't know if washing it will fix the problem because I wasn't aware there was a problem. Since you've already assumed I'm going to screw you out of your money, imagine how likely I am to want to work with you now.

I don't appreciate having less than an hour to reply via text before a thread is started about this. As I've explained above I was sleeping because due to stress lately I'm not sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night. I was not intentionally ignoring anyone. 
But now it seems I have a choice: take the seat back and return the money (and not sell it since you so kindly called me out on the photo of the seat) or not take the seat back and not sell anything else because everyone will assume the worse about anything I sell in the future. 

All my items that are for sale are kept in a closet away from my cats and my son. I pre-wash everything and put them away. I can't explain the pee smell because I wasn't aware of it. (That's not to say everything in my home smells like pee and I'm desensitized to the smell, I find the smell horribly offensive even as a pet owner).

I am a little upset and on the offensive because I wasn't even given a decent amount of time to respond before put on blast, weather my name was mentioned or not. Not everyone spends hours at the computer, and phones die or get turned off, so an hour seems a really unreasonable amount of time to presume someone is blowing a person off and make such claims. 

I'm not a person to blow someone off.

My husband has said he will meet IDL and return the money for the seat, but due to his schedule he won't be able to do so sooner than Saturday. I'll be honest, I have no intentions of meeting her after how she handled this. I'd send her the same message but she's saying she's not received any messages from me.

We're due to PCS a few month. So we're facing these new pet cargo fees, hence my heightened stress level. The last thing I need to get involved in is being put on blast on a board over something like this because someone can't wait even a few hours for a response! Again, please relay to IDL if she wants the money back she'll have to wait until Saturday when my husband will meet her to exchange the carseat. I'd also appreciate an apology of some sort for the assumption that I was blowing her off after only an hour.

Rea - i apologize for not gettin back to you sooner - like i said this went to my others folder and i haven't been on my computer for a while. Anyway i understand the frustration on both sides - i was merely trying to help as a go between since she said she hadn't heard form you. I did NOT take sides in this issues, when i emailed her i told her that we always ask people to contact one of the admins when they have an issue. And the only reason that i called you out on the picture is because you are not messageable. In any case i will relay the message to her about meeting on Saturday. Sorry to hear about your stress, i have seen all those posts about the pet issue, we are also leaving in a few months but we dont have any pets. Hope you get some more sleep soon!

Thank you, she did messaged me back a few minutes ago with this, which makes me less than willing to work things out with her, since she's basically still assuming the very worst:
I didn't realize the comment would get so much attention honestly. I just wanted to get your attention. I do feel bad about that. However, the seat truly smells like urine and I can't put my baby in THAT. "Will washing it again do the trick" was my polite way of saying "Clearly you washing it didn't work, so what is??". Maybe if you post something again, you can clearly state that you have cats and they may or may not have peed on them or in a room near the object for sell. I'm guessing this is a lost cause...

I understand her frustration, but I'm not even getting a fair chance with her.

oh man this is really turned into a mess!! i want to do what i can to help both of you resolve this. is the offer for your husband to meet on saturday still on the table? where would that be and what time? i live on lester and if i can help in some way i am willing to do that.

The offer stands, she's already done enough damage on the board and having you call me out (not you're fault I understand) on the photo. I don't know the time, late morning since Saturday is our family day together...1130'ish on Kadena? 
I'm going to take the photos off tonight, the seat's going to be thrown out. 

Again, I understand you were just doing what you could do given the one-sidedness of the story and the situation. Thank you for hearing my side. I'm still very angry over how the other person handled it, because again we're all busy and an hour is far from a blow off. If it'd been a day or more I'd understand her frustration and blast. As it is, she seems justified in her actions. 

It is what it is. Thank you for your help

i really am sorry about this honestly, it is hard when a buyer feels wronged and then the seller feels wronged too. i am not telling you to do this but i wouldnt stop you if you felt the need to defend yourself on the page i wont remove it, LOL! seriously i will let her know about saturday and hopefullythis can be resolved.

Rea - would the visitor center at gate 1 be ok at 11:30?

Thank you. I'm trying to rise above it and not bring more drama to the page than has already been created from this. 
That's fine, I'll let my husband know. 

Thank you for your help

you are welcome! let me know if any other problems arise please!

I will, Hoping Saturday goes smoothly and there's no further issues.

me (again)
Well, there seems to be another issue: 

Sorry to bring this back to you but here are our final exchanges:

Rea, when I told you I didn't think the post would get that much attention I was being honest. I had no intention on blasting it or whatever that means. On my end, I just wasted the little money we have on a car seat that smelled up the car. Who wouldn't want a response from that? I apologize I didn't wait longer and that everybody and their brother responded on it. However, I was upset and wasn't going to bottle it in. I figured you were ignoring me. ADMIN said your husband would meet me at Kadena. Thank you and hope you get more sleep.

It took you and ADMIN both over 2 hours to respond to my messages. In your reasoning I should have started a post about your lack of response, because you both were ignoring me! 
I can't resell this carseat because of your actions, regardless. You may not have money to waste but I'm facing a PCS home to the states in less than 3 months with 2 cats! Read the news lately? I need at least $3k extra to bring them home. So why would I intentional ignore or mislead anyone?!? 
I'm not going to respond on the board, though I feel I should in somehow try to salvage my name after today and what's happened. But instead, I'm going to rise above the drama you started and walk away from it.  (okay I lied...I have a blog to vent on)

I DO expect that seat to be in the same condition it was given to you in. If my husband notices signs that it's been left outside or otherwise damaged he will not return the money.

You really expect me to keep that thing in my house with the way it smells? You know what, keep the money. You clearly need it more than I do. You sold an item that has cat pee on it and you think I ruined your chances of selling stuff??? No maam, you have nobody but yourself to blame for that one. I said I was sorry the post got attention, but I do think people should be aware of what they are purchasing. Good luck to you.

(Now I did not tell her where to store it, only that I expected it not to be outside (a cover on it outside would be common sense, if left outside) But to just leave outside in the elements would ruin any chance I might have to salvage it at all. I think it was a reasonable request. She has since blocked me)

Again I apologize for all the drama I'm just trying to be fair here it's not like I was planning on returning her dollar bills all ripped up or shredded.

Okay, obviously, I'm not entirely blameless here, I did reply with snark and venom. But c'mon anyone blame me?!?! 
So moral of the story?? Drama Llamas follow me, stalk me and find me but they can't keep me down!!!! 


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