Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sometimes all you need is a good snuggle

   With all the ups and downs related to our impending PCS back to the states, I've forgotten one of the best stories about Nixon! I'm not sure how it happened, as it was a rare occasion for a number of reasons but it popped back in my head just now and I'm happy to share it with everyone I love.

    Thursday night was a rough one. Mac and I stayed up later than usual watching a movie in bed. When we finally did fall asleep it started storming outside. It got real bad (high winds, heavy rains and even some thunder) in a matter of minutes. I was listening to everything happening outside and never heard Nixon in his room start to freak out! Mac went into Nixon's room and brought him into our room. Nixon said he was scared and wanted to snuggle with us. Nixon crawled into bed with us, snuggled up on my chest and laid there while listening to the storm and Mac snoring! haha
   Nixon told me he was scared of the wind but I made him feel better. I thought he was going to spend the rest of the night in bed with us, something that doesn't happen...ever! He likes his bed and we like our bed, but I was willing to make an exception for this one night if Nixon was really scared and needed me. He didn't. After about 30 minutes, Nixon said to me, tapping my nose, "mommy, I ready to go back to my bed now please."  We unraveled ourselves from the blankets on the bed, went back into his bedroom, tucked him in and said good nights again.

   And at one point during the night, all 5 of us (Mac, myself, Nixon and the 2 cats) were all in our bed together. When Nixon went back to his room, Amber went with him. Arwen, of course, stayed in bed with me.


  1. awe so sweet! And such a big boy to know when he's ok and ready to go on his own again!

    1. I know!
      Hard to ever remember him as an infant, because he's so stubborn and independent these days. Who knew teething would be the "easy" phase?? LOL