Saturday, February 11, 2012

A weekend conversation with Nixon (and a shameless plea)

Oh my Love!! Nixon and I have had some interesting conversations together, but I do believe this one tops the list! It took place this morning, before my cup of coffee, after a horrible night's sleep (thank you to that asshole known as Insomnia for paying extra special attention to me and a random hot flash that came in the middle of the night).

Nixon is sitting next to me, pulling at his butt really hard, still in his pj's.
me: Nixon, what's wrong?
Nixon: mommy, I thinking my undies are eating my poo!
me: Nixon?!?! Did you poo???!!! *I pull him over to check and see no poo, but he has a severe wedgie*
me: Nixon, you didn't poo but you had a wedgie, you're undies were crawling up into your buttcrack.
Nixon: To eat my poo, Mommy?? Is poo yummy??
me: NO! Poo is not yummy! Unless you're a monkey.
Nixon: hmmm.....poo is gross, mommy. My butt feels better!

and now my shameless plea:
If any of my readers are on facebook please take a minute and like  this photo. It's Nixon and his BFF Miss Macy, in a cutest couple contest for a free photo session. Since not only are we moving back to the states in May but Miss Macy's family is too, their time together is running out, K and I thought a photo shoot together would be an awesome way to make the move easier for them. (I'm hoping to make a photobook for both kids to keep with them...if we win)
Thanks for helping :)


  1. LOL I am rolling over here from the wedgie story... maybe something to do with my Jack+Coke, but it was so funny! My son is almost 2.5, so I can see the convo's I have to look forward to. :)
    Voted for your pic.. so cute! I hope you have a safe PCS back over here to the States... good luck in the photo contest! At least Nixon and his BFF will be sorta close (Ny/MD) and maybe you guys can visit still after the moves...

    1. Thank you for the vote! I expect you and your son will have many interesting convo's as he gets older too.
      As for Nix and his BFF...I already know we'll be 445 miles away, so totally roadtrip worthy. And Nix loves to skype so I'm sure they'll still see each other, but having had playdates close to once a week (sometimes more than once a week) for over a year straight, it'll be hard on them. K and I have both said we can't even think about leaving yet because it's too hard to think about separating these two.